Royalty Free AI Music Generator How To Use Guide

By Bikash

Discover the Magic of AI Music Generator

Have you ever thought about AI creating music? Well, guess what? makes it happen! It’s like having a musical friend powered by artificial intelligence. Whether you’re a musical pro or just starting, is here to make creating your own tunes super easy with the AI Music Generator.

Imagine making music using Royalty Free AI Music Generator without worrying about complicated stuff or paying for licenses. That’s what does – it brings the joy of making music to everyone. You don’t need to be a music expert; you just need the excitement to dive into the world of Let’s explore how, the Royalty-Free AI Music Generator, turns your musical dreams into reality with a few simple clicks.

What is Beatoven AI Music Generator? is a platform that makes music production easier for AI-powered content creators. In addition to offering customers the ability to create background music that improves their material, it is royalty-free music creation.

How to Use the Beatoven AI Music Generator?

Let’s Start Your Musical Journey using the Beatoven AI Music Generator step by step guide:

Step 1: Sign Up

Creating your Beatoven AI account is as simple as clicking a few buttons. Visit, sign up with your email, and follow the easy steps in the confirmation email to activate your account.

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Step 2: Explore and Play

Once inside, take a look around. You’ll find sections like Melodies, Harmonies, Rhythms, and Settings. Don’t worry; it’s all user-friendly!

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Step 3: Melody Time

Now, let’s craft some beautiful melodies. Click on Melodies, tweak a few settings, hit the “Generate Melody” button, and voilà – your first melody is ready! Don’t forget to save your musical masterpiece.

Step 4: Harmonize Your Melody

Make your music richer by adding harmonies. Move to Harmonies, pick some chords, let the AI generate harmonies, and save them when you’re satisfied.

Step 5: Rhythm it Up

Time to get those feet tapping! Go to Rhythms, choose your instruments, generate rhythms, and add some personal touches. Save your rhythm creations.

Step 6: Mix it Right

In the Settings section, mix everything together. Adjust volumes, positions, and effects until your music sounds just the way you want it.

Step 7: Export and Share

Hit the Export button, choose your preferred audio format, and patiently wait for your creation to finish rendering. Congratulations – you’re now a music creator!

How Beatoven AI Music Generator Works?

  1. Choose Your Vibe: Imagine your project having its unique vibe. With Beatoven AI, you get to choose from various music styles, like cinematic or funky beats, to match exactly what you need.
  2. Adapt on the Go: Things change, and so can your music. Beatoven AI lets you make changes as you go. If your content’s mood shifts, no worries – just make some cuts and adapt your music accordingly.
  3. Fine-Tune with Emotions: Expressing emotions in your music is a breeze with Beatoven AI. You can fine-tune your soundtrack by selecting from a diverse range of 16 different moods. It’s like painting with emotions!
  4. Let the AI Take Charge: The best part? You don’t need to be a musical genius. Simply hit the “Compose” button, and watch as Beatoven AI’s advanced technology does the heavy lifting for you. It’s like having a musical assistant right at your fingertips.

Explore the Cost

Beatoven AI caters to everyone, offering both free and paid packages:

  • Free Package: It’s perfect for beginners – one user access, various instruments, genres, and moods, with 15 minutes of free monthly downloads.
  • Pro Package: For the pros, it’s $200 per year, providing more features, access for two users, and 60 minutes of monthly downloads.

Pros and Cons of Beatoven AI Music Generator

Easy-to-use interface, accessible to all.Composition time can be lengthy, especially for longer tracks.
Customizable duration, genres, and moods.Limited ability to extend or add to a track.
Perpetual license for monetization.Final track quality may require adjustments.

Final Word on Using Beatoven AI Music Generator is like a friendly guide to making your own music, perfect for both beginners and pros. It’s super simple to use, and you can tweak your tunes to match your style, whether it’s a short jingle or a longer track. The best part is, you can use what you create to make some cash without worrying about copyright problems, especially on platforms like YouTube.

Sure, creating longer tracks might take a bit more time, and you can’t extend your tunes too much. But overall, is a fun and easy way to step into the world of making music. It adjusts to your mood, offers a bunch of different feelings to choose from, and makes the whole process a walk in the park. So, if you’ve got a musical dream, is like your musical buddy, helping you create your own tunes hassle-free.

FAQs on Beatoven AI Music Generator

Is Beatoven AI for beginners?

Yes, Beatoven AI is super easy for beginners to create music.

Can I use my music for YouTube videos?

Absolutely! Beatoven AI gives you the green light to use your creations for YouTube without any worries.

How often do they add new stuff?

Beatoven AI keeps getting better, with new features and sounds regularly.

What’s the deal with the Pro package?

If you’re serious about music, the Pro package offers more downloads and features.

Can I work with others on Beatoven AI?

Yes, Beatoven AI loves teamwork. Collaborate and make music together!

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