Google Gemini AI: The new AI model really better than ChatGPT?

By Bikash

Google Gemini AI: The Multitalented Newcomer

Is Google’s latest artificial intelligence , Google Gemini AI, really stronger than ChatGPT? This question has generated a lot of attention in the tech community. Think of Gemini as the new child on the block, ready to prove its abilities. Both Gemini and the other AI model are incredibly intelligent, but Gemini has an added advantage in that it can multitask and can process texts, images, sounds, and movies by itself.

But how does it compare to ChatGPT, which is mostly a spoken chat platform? Let’s explore the fascinating realm of these titans of AI to see who may be emerging as the front-runner in the field of intelligent machines!

Gemini: The Jack-of-All-Trades AI

Gemini is Google’s new AI. It’s like a superstar that can do lots of things at once handle words, pictures, sounds, and videos. Unlike ChatGPT, which mostly deals with talking in text, Gemini can do it all by itself.

Google Gemini AI

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Google Gemini AI Features

  • Multimodality: Gemini handles various data types like images, videos, audio, and text, not just words, making it super versatile.
  • Top-notch Performance: Beats most models in language understanding tests and even matches human performance in some tasks.
  • Natural Language Skills: Understands context, feelings, and intentions in conversations, translates languages well, and crafts creative text.
  • Strong Problem-Solving: Excels in tackling complex tasks, analyzing data, aiding in scientific research, and supporting coding tasks.
  • Real-time Video Interaction: Can process and respond to live video, opening doors for new applications in interactive media and augmented reality.
  • Integration with Google Products: Already part of tools like Bard and Pixel 8 Pro, enhancing messaging, voice recording, and image editing.
  • Ongoing Development: Continuous improvements underway, hinting at more exciting features and advancements in the future.

Google Gemini AI Versions

VersionCapabilitiesUse CasesAvailability
Gemini UltraHighly complex tasks, multimodality, advanced reasoningResearch, internal Google applicationsCurrently not available in consumer products
Gemini ProWide range of tasks, good performance and memory balanceBard Advanced, future Google productsCurrently available in Bard Advanced
Gemini NanoOn-device tasks, efficient and lightweightPixel 8 Pro features (Summarise, Smart Reply), future on-device AI applicationsCurrently available in Pixel 8 Pro, likely to be implemented in other devices soon

ChatGPT Specialty

ChatGPT is good at talking using words. But when it needs to deal with pictures or sounds, it asks other AI friends for help. Gemini doesn’t need any help. It’s a pro at everything!

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Upcoming ChatGPT-4 Features

  1. Better Conversations: ChatGPT-4 might understand us even better, making talks more natural and personal.
  2. Smarter Problem-Solving: It’s likely to be better at solving complex problems and coming up with creative ideas.
  3. Fact-Friendly: ChatGPT-4 might handle facts more accurately, helping with summaries, answers, and data work.
  4. Adaptable Buddy: It could learn fast, adapting quickly to new tasks and situations.
  5. Safer and Fairer: There might be extra safety measures to prevent mistakes and biases.

What Makes Gemini Stand Out?

Gemini stands out for its ability to handle various types of information like images, videos, audio, and text all together, while ChatGPT-4 is more focused on being a powerful text-based model. This means Gemini can seamlessly work with different kinds of data, paving the way for more diverse interactions, especially in areas like augmented reality and scientific research. Gemini’s knack for analyzing complex data and processing live video interactions sets it apart, hinting at exciting possibilities for the future of AI in various fields.

Who’s Better: Gemini or GPT-4?

Right now, Gemini 1.0 Pro isn’t as strong as GPT-4. But Google says they have a super version, Gemini 1.0 Ultra, that’s even better. We’re waiting to see if that’s true!

AspectGemini 1.0 ProGPT-4
Text HandlingGoodExcellent
Image ProcessingModerateGood
Audio UnderstandingAverageGood
Video ComprehensionLimitedNot supported
Native MultimodalYesNo
Real-time AbilitiesPartially demonstratedYes
Overall PerformanceComparable to GPT-3.5Superior to Gemini 1.0 Pro
Gemini vs GPT-4

Tricky Demo Alert

Google showcased Gemini’s abilities in a video, but the catch was that it wasn’t happening live; they prepped Gemini with specific tricks beforehand. This led to a more impressive display than its real-time capabilities might suggest.

Gemini seemed sharp, performing tasks like identifying which cup held a hidden ball, but these feats were learned and rehearsed beforehand, akin to a practiced magic trick. While the video was visually stunning, it didn’t reflect Gemini’s raw, on-the-spot abilities, akin to watching a movie with dazzling effects rather than witnessing real-time action.

Why Gemini is Important?

Even though Gemini isn’t perfect, it’s a huge step for AI. It could learn so much from videos, like how things move or fall. That’s pretty awesome!

  1. Multimedia Learning: Gemini can learn from videos, not just text, which is a big deal for AI. It means it can understand how stuff moves or acts in real life, like learning from a fun movie!
  2. Expanded Understanding: By learning from videos, Gemini gains a better grasp of the world. It’s like us learning from watching a cool science show it helps Gemini become smarter about how things work.
  3. Real-Life Applications: Understanding movement and actions from videos helps Gemini apply this knowledge to solve problems. Just like we learn from seeing things happen, Gemini learns to tackle different tasks.
  4. Advancing AI Boundaries: Gemini pushes AI further by learning from different sources. It’s like giving it a whole new set of books to read, making it smarter and more useful.
  5. Future Possibilities: With Gemini’s ability to learn from videos, it opens doors for AI to do many more cool things in the future. This could lead to exciting developments in various fields!

Big Competition Ahead!

It’s like a big race between Gemini and ChatGPT, but OpenAI might just shake things up with GPT-5. Right now, Gemini is challenging ChatGPT in the AI world, but there’s a feeling that OpenAI is brewing something even better. Think of it as a thrilling competition to find out who’s the top AI champ! There’s a lot of excitement as these big players push each other to be smarter and better at what they do. It’s like a race where we’re waiting to see who zooms ahead as the ultimate AI superstar!

What’s Next in AI?

We’re cheering for AI models that are not only big but also free for everyone to access and use. Imagine having these powerful tools available to everyone, like sharing a huge library of smart knowledge! Plus, Google’s onto something great, they’re crafting smaller models like Gemini Nano. These little ones are awesome because they’re kinder to the planet and better at keeping our info safe. Having more of these smaller, eco-friendly models around would be fantastic!

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