How to Identify AI Deepfake Images and Remove them Before Spread in Internet

By Bikash

Truth or Deepfake? Explore How to Identify AI Deepfake Images

With the evolution of AI techniques, it has become easier to manipulate digital content. Deepfake images are one such example that uses artificial intelligence to generate highly realistic artificial images. While it can be used for harmless purposes like creating memes, it can also be used for illegal activities like spreading false information and even impersonating personalities. In this article, we will discuss How to Identify AI Deepfake Images and identify them from the real ones.

Identify AI deepfake images:

Deepfake images are synthetically generated images that appear to be real. They are created using machine learning models that are trained on vast amounts of data to learn the patterns and features of specific objects, landscapes, or people.

The process starts with collecting a dataset of real images of the person or object you want to create a deepfake of. The dataset is then fed into the machine learning model, which analyzes the data, identifies patterns, and learns to create synthetic images that resemble the real images.

Once trained, the model can generate new images that are highly realistic and difficult to distinguish from the real ones. This technology can also be used to create videos that manipulate the movements and actions of the person in the video.

Example How to Identify AI Deepfake Images?

For example, if the edges of the image look blurry or strange, it could be a deepfake. Also, if the person’s face or the objects in the image look weird or different, that’s a sign too. Lastly, if there’s a video, you can watch it closely and see if anything seems odd or not normal. But even with these techniques, there’s still a chance that deepfake images can fool even the most advanced computer programs. So, it’s always a good idea to be careful and aware of the dangers that come with this kind of technology.

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How to Identify AI Deepfake Images?

Several techniques can be used to identify deepfake images. There we help you with the best way that make you smarter:

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  1. Check the edges of the image – AI deepfake images often have blurred or distorted edges that are not present in the real images. This is due to the machine learning model trying to create the perfect image, leading to errors at the edges.
  2. Look for inconsistencies in the image – AI deepfake images may have inconsistencies like differences in skin tone, hair color, or lighting that are absent in the real ones.
  3. Check for abnormalities in the facial features – people and objects in AI deepfake images may have abnormal facial features or morphed features that are not present in the real ones.
  4. Reverse image search – this method involves using image search engines like Google Image search or Tineye to search for similar images online. If the image is a deepfake, it may not match with similar images of the same person or object from other sources.
  5. Video Analysis– Another method to identify deepfake images is to analyze the video. When a video has been altered the movements of the person can be abnormal or show strange behavior.
  6. Use Deepware AIDeepware AI is a AI technology specifically designed to detect and identify deepfake videos.

How to Report for AI Deepfake Images Removal in India?

Reporting AI deepfake images for removal in India is not a smoother process yet. However, you can try a few things to address the issue:

  1. Report to the platform: Many social media platforms and image hosting services have tools to report inappropriate content. You can use these tools and let them know that the image is manipulated and should be removed.
  2. Contact the source: If you can find out where the deepfake image originated from, like a website or a person, you can try reaching out to them directly and asking them to take it down.
  3. Report to law enforcement: If the deepfake image is being used for harmful purposes, such as fraud or defamation, you can consider reporting it to the police. In India, you can contact your local police station or file a complaint online through the National Cyber Crime Reporting Portal (

How to Remove Deepfake Images from Google Search Results?

Following these steps you should requesting the removal of personal information or explicit content from Google search results., here are the steps in simple terms:

  1. Go to the link:
  2. Choose “Remove information you see in Google Search.”
  3. Select “In Google’s search results and on a website.”
  4. Choose “Yes” for contacting the site’s webmaster.
  5. Select “Nude or sexually explicit items, or names on porn sites.”
  6. Choose “A nude or sexually explicit picture or video of myself.”
  7. Select “Yes” if you are in the images or videos and they are nude or sexually explicit.
  8. Choose “No” if you haven’t consented to the distribution of the images or videos.
  9. Fill in details like full name, country, relationship if representing someone else, contact email, checkbox if webpage is live, URLs to be removed, URLs of Google search result page, upload screenshots, and add your signature and date.
  10. Finally, submit the request.

Conclusion on How to Identify AI Deepfake Images

AI deepfake images can be harmful and cause problems in different areas. That’s why it’s important to be able to tell if an image is fake or real. There are simple things you can do to figure it out. You can try doing a reverse image search, which means you search for similar images on the internet. If the image is a deepfake, it might not match with other real images of the same thing. Another way to check is by looking for things that don’t seem right in the image.

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