What Is Microsoft Copilot? Which Now Available as a ChatGPT

By Bikash

Microsoft Copilot: Your AI-Powered Windows 11 Assistant

Microsoft Copilot is an innovative update to Windows 11 and a personalized assistant designed to improve your computing experience in the rapidly changing field of artificial intelligence. This article explores Copilot’s features, capabilities, and useful applications while contrasting it with ChatGPT, which is more all-purpose.

What is Microsoft Copilot?

Microsoft Copilot is an intelligent, integrated helper for Windows 11 that’s meant to simplify your digital life. Consider it your own private tour guide right inside your computer. Copilot can assist you with opening apps, modifying settings, and even identifying items in pictures.

It can also answer your concerns about Windows. Its ability to recognize what you’re doing and modify its responses to fit your present activity is what makes it unique. It works flawlessly with Microsoft apps, and you may communicate to Copilot and use the convenient taskbar button.

Microsoft Copilot is Now Available as a ChatGPT

Microsoft Copilot has now been seamlessly integrated as a ChatGPT feature in Windows 11. This built-in chatbot serves as your go-to assistant right from the taskbar. Similar to ChatGPT, Copilot is your one-stop solution for queries, actions, and even creative tasks.

Whether you need assistance with Windows-related questions, tasks, or want creative prompts, Copilot is at your service. It’s like having ChatGPT’s capabilities right in your taskbar, making Windows 11 even more user-friendly and interactive. Get ready for a smoother, more intuitive experience with Copilot, your personalized chatbot companion in the Windows environment.

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Capabilities of Microsoft Copilot

Answering Questions

One of Copilot’s primary functions is to respond to your queries, whether they’re related to Windows settings, general knowledge, or even creative prompts like generating stories or poems. Its expansive database ensures accurate and contextual responses.

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Taking Actions

Copilot isn’t limited to just answering questions. It’s your virtual assistant capable of performing various tasks, such as changing settings, opening applications, taking screenshots, and more. This makes it a versatile tool for streamlining your workflow.

Image Recognition

The integration of image recognition sets Copilot apart. Upload or link images, and Copilot will identify objects, find similar images, and provide additional information. This feature adds a visual dimension to your interactions.

Contextual Awareness

Copilot goes beyond mere responses; it adapts to your current activity. For instance, if you’re browsing a website, Copilot can offer summaries or related information, showcasing its contextual awareness and enhancing user engagement.

Voice Input

Interacting with Copilot is not limited to typing. Users can leverage voice input by clicking the microphone icon, providing a hands-free and convenient alternative for communication.

Integration with Microsoft Apps

Copilot seamlessly integrates with Microsoft’s suite of applications like Word, Excel, and PowerPoint. It offers intelligent suggestions and assistance within these apps, streamlining your work processes.

Comparison to ChatGPT

Targeted Functionality

While both Copilot and ChatGPT are AI-powered chatbots, Copilot distinguishes itself with a specific focus on Windows-related tasks and information. It excels in handling Windows-specific queries, making it the go-to assistant for users within the Windows environment.


Copilot seamlessly blends into the Windows interface with its taskbar button and contextual awareness. In contrast, ChatGPT requires a separate interface or integration, making Copilot more accessible and user-friendly for Windows users.


Copilot comes pre-installed and free on Windows 11, ensuring accessibility for all users. On the other hand, ChatGPT may require specific apps or paid subscriptions, adding an extra layer of accessibility challenges.

How to Use Copilot in Windows

Launching Copilot

Accessing Copilot is simple. Either click the Copilot button on the right side of the taskbar or use the shortcut Win + C to bring up the Copilot interface.

Interacting with Copilot

Engage with Copilot by typing your questions, requests, or prompts in the chat window. For a hands-free experience, utilize the voice input feature by clicking the microphone icon. Copilot also supports image recognition; just drag and drop or upload images for instant analysis.

Customizing Copilot

Tailor Copilot to your preferences by right-clicking the Copilot button to show or hide it from the taskbar. Access additional settings through the gear icon in the Copilot window for a personalized experience.


Microsoft Copilot emerges as a powerful and user-friendly AI assistant, seamlessly integrated into the Windows 11 environment. Its robust capabilities, coupled with its accessibility and contextual awareness, position it as a valuable tool for users seeking efficiency in their daily tasks.


How does Copilot differ from ChatGPT?

Copilot focuses on Windows-specific tasks, while ChatGPT is more general-purpose in its functionality.

Is Copilot available on earlier versions of Windows?

Copilot is designed for Windows 11 and may not be available on earlier versions.

Can Copilot be disabled if not needed?

Yes, users can customize Copilot settings, including the option to hide it from the taskbar.

What security measures does Copilot have?

Copilot follows Windows security protocols, ensuring a secure user experience.

Are there plans for Copilot’s expansion to other platforms?

As of now, Microsoft has not announced plans for Copilot expansion to other platforms.

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