Ola M1 Motorcycle: Ola Four New Trademarks Electric Bikes

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Ola M1 Motorcycle: A Sneak Peek into Tomorrow’s Riding Experience!

The most popular Electric Vehicle manufacturer Ola ready to launch their Ola M1super bikes in 2024. Ola M1 Motorcycle is like a cool new friend in the world of electric bikes. It’s not just one bike but four! Each one has its special style to make riders happy. There’s the M1 Cruiser, all chill and laid-back. Then there’s the M1 Adventure, ready to tackle rough roads.

The M1 Cyber Racer is the speedy one, and the M1 Sportbike is like the superhero of bikes. They are not out on the roads just yet, but when they come in 2024, they promise to be awesome. These bikes are not just about looking good; they are also good for the environment because they run on electricity instead of gas. So, get ready for a new kind of biking fun with the Ola M1!

The Ola M1 Cruiser: A Classic Ride

ModelM1 Cruiser
Range200 km
Motor PowerModerate
Top Speed120-140 km/h
SeatSpacious single or two-up
FeaturesCruise control, Heated grips/seat (potential), Windscreen (potential)
Target AudienceCruising enthusiasts, Weekend warriors, Relaxed commuters


The M1 Cruiser boasts a classic American silhouette, featuring a low single seat, swept-back handlebars, and forward-mounted footpegs. The design incorporates chrome accents, ensuring a stylish yet relaxed riding experience.


With an anticipated range of around 200 km, the M1 Cruiser prioritizes torque for comfortable cruising. Its top speed is expected to be in the 120-140 km/h range, providing an enjoyable ride for cruising enthusiasts and weekend warriors alike.


Designed for solo or two-up riding, the M1 Cruiser may offer heated grips and seats, cruise control for long journeys, and a windscreen for added wind protection. It aims to cater to riders seeking a relaxed and stylish commute.

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The Ola M1 Adventure: Conquering the Off-Road

ModelOla M1 Adventure
Range150 km
MotorPowerful electric motor (exact kW/hp not yet disclosed)
Top Speed~120-140 km/h (estimated)
DesignOff-road focused with high ground clearance, long-travel suspension, knobby tires
Riding PositionUpright and versatile for tackling diverse terrain
FeaturesSpoked wheels, adjustable suspension, auxiliary lighting (potential), rugged luggage options (potential)
Target AudienceOff-road enthusiasts, adventure seekers, explorers


The M1 Adventure takes a different route with an aggressive off-road stance. Boasting high ground clearance, long-travel suspension, and knobby tires, it’s geared towards off-road enthusiasts and adventure seekers.

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While sacrificing a bit of range for off-road prowess, the M1 Adventure is expected to cover around 150 km. Its powerful electric motor ensures good torque and manageable power delivery, making it ideal for diverse terrains.


Equipped with spoked wheels for durability, adjustable suspension, and potentially auxiliary lighting for night riding, the M1 Adventure caters to riders looking to explore the unbeaten path.

The Ola M1 Cyber Racer: Speed Meets Style

ModelOla M1 Cyber Racer
DesignSporty, futuristic with a crouched riding position, aggressive fairing, and aerodynamic bodywork.
MotorPowerful electric motor, exact output to be revealed.
RangeUp to 180 km (estimated).
Top SpeedPotentially exceeding 150 km/h (estimated).
BrakesHigh-performance brakes for precise handling.
SuspensionAdvanced suspension for optimal handling and comfort.
WheelsLikely alloy wheels with performance-oriented tires.
FeaturesTraction control, ABS, connected technology for performance data and customization, possibly a quick-shifter.
Target AudienceThrill-seekers, sports bike enthusiasts, and riders seeking cutting-edge performance and technology.


For thrill-seekers and sports bike enthusiasts, the M1 Cyber Racer offers a sporty and futuristic design. With a crouched riding position, aggressive fairing, and aerodynamic bodywork, it’s poised to be the fastest of the M1 lineup.


Boasting a potential range of 180 km, the M1 Cyber Racer aims to deliver exhilarating acceleration and high speeds, possibly exceeding 150 km/h. High-performance brakes and suspension ensure precise handling.


The M1 Cyber Racer comes with advanced traction control, ABS for safety, connected technology for performance data, and possibly a quick-shifter for seamless gear changes.

Ola Diamond Head (M1 Sportbike): Pinnacle of Performance

DesignFully-faired supersport design with sharp lines, aggressive angles, and aerodynamic winglets. Race-ready stance, clip-on handlebars, and tucked-in riding position.
MotorTop-of-the-line electric motor for exhilarating power and acceleration (exact output to be revealed).
RangeNot yet disclosed, but expected to be competitive within the supersport segment.
Top SpeedExpected to be blisteringly fast, but exact figures are yet to be released.
BrakesPremium brakes for ultimate control and stopping power.
SuspensionAdvanced suspension for exceptional handling and composure at high speeds.
WheelsLikely lightweight alloy wheels with high-performance tires for maximum grip.
FeaturesCutting-edge electronic rider aids (ABS, traction control), launch control (possibly), and connected technology for performance data, and customization.
Target AudienceExperienced riders, track enthusiasts, and those seeking the pinnacle of electric motorcycle performance.


The Ola M1 Sportbike represents the epitome of electric motorcycle performance. With a fully-faired supersport silhouette, sharp lines, and aerodynamic winglets, it caters to experienced riders and track enthusiasts.


While details on the range are yet to be disclosed, the M1 Sportbike promises top-of-the-line electric motor performance, blistering top speeds, and agile handling for tackling corners and tracks.


Equipped with premium suspension and brakes, cutting-edge electronic rider aids, high-performance tires, and potential launch control, the M1 Sportbike is designed for those seeking the pinnacle of electric motorcycle performance.

Common Features Across the M1 Lineup

All M1 motorcycles share some key features:

  • A newly developed frame integrating the battery for improved rigidity and weight savings.
  • A liquid-cooled electric motor with different power outputs depending on the model.
  • A fast-charging system adds up to 100 km of range in just 15 minutes.
  • Advanced rider aids like traction control and ABS.
  • A connected platform with features like navigation, diagnostics, and over-the-air updates.

Anticipated Launch and Final Thoughts

Ola Electric has yet to announce the official launch date for the M1 motorcycles, but anticipation is high for their arrival in 2024. These concept versions provide a glimpse into the future of electric riding, and while some details might change in the final production models, Ola’s M1 lineup promises a compelling mix of performance, range, and technology at competitive prices.

Conclusion on Ola M1 Motorcycle

The Ola M1 Motorcycle lineup promises an exciting future for electric motorcycles in India. While the official launch date is yet to be announced, the M1 series is expected to hit the market in 2024, challenging the status quo with its diverse offerings. Although these details are based on the concept versions, they provide a compelling glimpse into what Ola Electric has in store for riders seeking a thrilling, eco-friendly, and technologically advanced riding experience. Stay tuned for updates on the official launch and specifications of the production models.

FAQs on Ola M1 Motorcycle

When will Ola Electric launch the M1 motorcycles?

Ola Electric has not announced the official launch date, but it is expected sometime in 2024.

What makes the M1 Sportbike unique?

The M1 Sportbike offers top-of-the-line performance, cutting-edge technology, and a fully-faired supersport silhouette.

Are the showcased designs final?

The showcased designs are concept versions; final production models may differ in some aspects.

Can the M1 motorcycles be fast-charged at home?

Ola Electric’s fast-charging system allows for rapid charging, but home charging details are yet to be disclosed.

Will there be color options for the M1 lineup?

Ola Electric may offer various color options for each M1 motorcycle to cater to diverse rider preferences.

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