PlaylistAI Spotify Playlist Generator Using ChatGPT by Mood

By Bikash

PlaylistAI Now Generate music playlists with AI by Interest

Meet PlaylistAI, the ChatGPT Plugin’s ultimate Spotify playlist generator! Playlist AI makes the challenging task of manually curating playlists easy, so say goodbye to the headache. This amazing application features a wide range of well prepared tracks to fit your mood, making it ideal for any occasion. Playlist AI has you covered whether you’re feeling joyful, relaxed nostalgic, or like you can take on the world.

It’s like having a friend who knows exactly what music you enjoy and how to make playlists that suit your mood at any given time. Playlist AI guarantees a smooth and pleasant experience for music lovers of all skill levels with its user-friendly design and intuitive features. You just need to choose your mood, press a few buttons, and boom! Your very own playlist will be prepared to go with you for the entire day.

What is is an AI-powered music playlist generator that can create playlists from prompts, images, videos, and your most-listened-to music. It is available as a web app and a mobile app for iOS and Android.

What Can do with Playlist AI?

Here are some of the things that PlaylistAI can do:

The Prompts Playlist: With sense like “Early 2000s pop music” or “Gym workout, rap,” you may tell Playlist AI what you’re into. It will then create a playlist just for you.

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Playlist from Images: Upload a picture of the performers or records you want to hear from at a music festival, and Playlist AI will make a playlist using those selections.

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Playlist from Videos: By providing a link to a YouTube or TikTok video, Playlist AI will create a playlist composed of the songs that are featured in the video.

Playlist derived from Listening History: Allow Playlist AI to delve into your past music choices and create playlists with your all-time favorite songs, popular musicians, and recently streamed music.

How to use the PlaylistAI on ChatGPT Plugin?

Here is a step-by-step guide on how to use the Playlist AI ChatGPT Plugin:

Step 1: Visit ChatGPT Plus

Go to the ChatGPT Plus website ( and log in to your account.

Step 2: Installing the PlaylistAI Plugin

Once logged in, find the “Plugins” section. Look for “PlaylistAI” in the list of plugins and click “Install.”

Step 3: Start Crafting Your Playlist

With PlaylistAI installed, open a chat on ChatGPT. Simply mention or start a conversation with the PlaylistAI plugin.

Step 4: Describe Your Ideal Playlist

Tell Playlist AI what kind of playlist you want. Use phrases or prompts like:

“Make a playlist for my road trip this weekend.”
“Create a playlist with energetic pop songs from the 2000s.”
“Craft a playlist inspired by this sunset photo’s vibe.”
“Recommend music that suits the mood of this video.”

Step 5: Witness the Magic

PlaylistAI will analyze your request and generate a custom playlist tailored to your preferences.

Step 6: Customize Your Playlist

Review the playlist generated by PlaylistAI. Add or remove songs, change the order, and give it a cool name to make it your own.

Step 7: Export Your Creation

Once you’ve fine-tuned your playlist, export it to your favorite music platform. PlaylistAI supports Spotify, Apple Music, and YouTube Music. Connect your account and transfer your masterpiece seamlessly.

Enjoy your personalized playlists, courtesy of PlaylistAI and ChatGPT Plugin!

PlaylistAI Playlist Generator by Specific Mood and Interest

PlaylistAI is an AI-powered music playlist generator that uses your mood, interests, and listening history to create custom playlists.

Feeling happy and ready to groove? Playlist AI crafts playlists full of upbeat pop, dance, or electronic tunes to get you moving.

On the flip side, if you’re feeling low and need a lift, Playlist AI delivers inspiring songs, powerful ballads, or energizing rock anthems to uplift your spirits.

Planning a road trip? Let PlaylistAI set the vibe with classic road trip tracks, Americana vibes, or indie rock hits for the journey ahead.

Studying hard? PlaylistAI has your back with focus-enhancing music—think classical tunes or ambient sounds to help you concentrate.

Getting your sweat on at the gym? PlaylistAI pumps up the energy with high-tempo workout beats, EDM, or hip hop to keep you motivated.

Cooking up a storm in the kitchen? Enjoy mellow instrumentals, jazz melodies, or world music to accompany your culinary adventures.

Putting a little one to sleep? PlaylistAI offers soothing lullabies, calming white noise, or gentle nature sounds for a peaceful slumber.

And finally, throwing a party? Let PlaylistAI take charge of the playlist, serving up party anthems, dance hits, or the latest chart-toppers to keep the vibe alive.

No matter the occasion or mood, PlaylistAI has a tailor-made playlist just for you!

PlaylistAI Features:

PlaylistAI offers a bunch of cool stuff to make your music experience awesome:

Instant Festival Playlists: All you have to do is upload a poster for a music festival, and PlaylistAI will create a playlist with the performers. It’s like to having festival spirit right at your fingertips.

Thought-to-Playlist Magic: Convert any concept or emotion into a musical arrangement. Based on your input, AI will mix the ideal sound, whether it’s nostalgic for “pop music from the early 2000s” or captures the mood of “playing board games on a rainy day.”

Relive Your Musical Journey: Make playlists with your best songs and artists from different time periods, such as the last four weeks, the last six months, or your all-time favorites, and take a journey down memory compile playlists influenced by the memorable songs you find on the site.

Explore Artist Networks: Select an artist, and Playlist AI will identify related musicians. It will then create a playlist that embodies the spirit of that artists’ musical companions, providing a more in-depth listening experience of your preferred sounds.

Combine Genres: Get creative! Mix and match different genres to obtain music recommendations that cover a wide spectrum of styles. You can even filter the results based on BPM ranges, resulting in a completely original musical fusion.

TikTok Song Identification: Look for the songs included in TikTok videos by scanning them. PlaylistAI will then suggest related songs, making it simple to put up playlists based on the memorable songs you find on the platform.

PlaylistAI Pricing:

FreeLimited access to all featuresFree
PremiumFull access to all features$10/month
YearlyFull access, billed annually$100/year
FoundingSpecial early adopter rate$200/year

Final Word

PlaylistAI is your best byddy for autometic musical playlist generator. It is always there for you, changing to fit your mood and playing the ideal music at the right time. It makes playlist easily and guarantees that you always have the correct music on hand.

PlaylistAI opens up the world of music by providing customized soundtracks for all moods and events. Now go ahead and let Playlist AI lead you through life’s melody by selecting songs that speak to your innermost desires. Playlist AI is the ultimate Spotify Playlist Generator. Say welcome to a musical journey customized just for you.

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