UTI PAN Photo Resizer Tool: Resize Your Photos Effortlessly

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UTI PAN Photo/Signature Size Tool

Free UTI PAN Card Photo Resizer Tool

For uploading to the UTI PAN Card Portal, do you need to resize and crop your photo? The UTI Photo Resize Tool is your best option. For a flawless PAN Card application submission, use this amazing UTI Photo Resizer Tool to quickly and easily resize and crop your photographs to the necessary proportions. The best way to use this UTI PAN Photo Resizer will be discussed in more detail.

UTI PAN Photo Resizer Tool is a tool that helps you make your photos and signatures using the PAN Photo Resize Tool for your PAN Card. It is a very helpful tool for people who want to submit their photos for the UTI PAN Card Application and make it easily resize for the official’s size.

What is The Official Size and Pixel of the PAN Photo and Sign?

DocumentDPISize (in pixels)Image Format
PAN Photo300 DPI213 x 213JPG /JPEG
PAN Signature600 DPI400 x 200JPG /JPEG

How to Use UTI PAN Photo Resizer Tool?

Start by visiting our UTI PAN Photo Resizer Tool page. You can easily find it by performing a quick search on your preferred search engine. Once you’re on the website, get ready to transform your photo effortlessly using the UTI PAN Photo/Signature Size Tool.

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1. Upload Your Photo

Locate and click on the “Upload Photo” button on the UTI Photo Resize Tool webpage. This will prompt a file selection dialog box to appear. Browse through your computer’s directories and select the photo you wish to resize and crop. Remember, the tool supports both PNG and JPEG image formats, so you can choose whichever is most convenient for you.

2. Select the Desired Dimensions

The next step is to figure out the measurements you need for your PAN Card application after your photo has been properly submitted. Both 213×213 pixels at 300 DPI and 400×200 pixels at 600 DPI are available with the UTI PAN Photo Resizer. On the website, there is a drop-down option where you may select the dimension that best suits your requirements.

3. Click on “Resize”

Once you’ve chosen, press the “Resize” button. The UTI PAN Photo Resizer Tool will start processing your image right away, applying the selected dimensions, and getting it ready for download. As the gadget does its magic, relax and sit back.

4. Download Your Resized Photo

Your freshly resized photo will be available for download when the resizing and cropping processes are finished. The image will be saved to your computer in its best possible form if you simply click the download link or button that is provided. The ideal photograph is now available for you to upload to the UTI PAN Card gateway!

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The Advantages of Using the UTI PAN Photo Resizer Tool

The UTI Photo Resize Tool is a great option for your resizing and cropping needs because it has a number of significant advantages. The following are some salient characteristics:

Support JPEG Images: The program works with a variety of image files in JPEG formats, making it easy for you to work with them.

Flexible size: To meet the requirements of the UTI PAN Card gateway, choose between the size of 213×213 pixels at 300 DPI or 400×200 pixels at 600 DPI.

Accurate Cropping: The tool makes sure that your photo is accurately cropped to the desired dimensions, removing any extraneous features and producing a result that looks professional.

User-Friendly Interface: The UTI PAN Photo Resizer Tool’s simple navigation and intuitive design make it exceedingly simple for users of all experience levels to resize and crop images.

Free of Charge: Best of all, using the UTI PAN Card Photo Resizer Tool is completely free! You may save time and money by cropping and resizing your photographs without spending any money.


How to Resize Photo Using UTI PAN Photo Resizer Tool?

How to Resize Signature using UTI PAN Photo Resizer Tool?

The process of using the UTI Photo Resizer Tool is very easy. Just upload the Signature and Click below to Get a Signature. It will be Downloaded in the Proper Official Size.

What is the Official Photo Size for UTI PAN?

Photo for UTI PAN to be Colour Scanning 300 dpi. The dimension of the photo will be 213 X 213 px. And Size will be less than 30 kb in JPEG format

What is the Official Signature Size for UTI PAN?

Signature for UTI PAN to be black and white Scanning 600 dpi. The dimension of the photo will be 400 X 200 px. And Size will be less than 60 kb in JPEG format

How to resize an image 213 213 pixel resolution and 300 dpi?

There has UTI Photo Resizer Tool. You just select the Photo Resizer tool and upload your any-size passport photo. The dimension of the photo will be 213 X 213 px. And Size will be less than 30 kb in JPEG format

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