New Airtel Tez Portal Latest Version 23.12.20

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Airtel Tez Portal Latest Version 23.12.20 with Latest Features

Meet the all-new Airtel Tez Portal Latest Version 23.12.20! It’s like having a superhero for Airtel Payments Bank BC agents who are not comfortable with MITRA applications. Like an Advanced Platform that makes handling your Services and Performance super easy. Powered by Airtel Payments Bank BC, this friendly portal isn’t just about the basics; it’s here to make your financial experience more convenient. So, let’s use the upgraded and super easy-to-use Airtel Tez Retailer Portal Latest Version 23.12.20! Now Explore the Airtel Tez Portal and get a details guide on how to use Airtel Tez Portal.

Airtel Tez Portal Latest Version (v23.12.20) Available Services

Add Balance:

Airtel Tez Portal allows you to Add money to your Wallet to perform various payments like Recharge, Utility Bill Payments, Money Transfers, Cash Deposits, Cash Drop, etc. For instance, imagine you are doing a utility bill payment but there is not enough balance in your wallet, then Airtel Tez Portal, allows you to add balance to your wallet instantly without any delay.

Money Transfer:

BC Agent Effortlessly sends money to friends, family, or any other customer with the swift and secure Airtel payment system. Picture this: your friend urgently needs financial assistance, and you can provide it instantly through the Airtel Tez Portal, ensuring a reliable and timely transfer.

Cash Withdrawal:

Airtel Payment Bank BC helps Airtel Payment Bank users to withdraw cash conveniently from their Airtel Bank Account by visiting any Airtel Payment Bank BC point. Imagine an Airtel Payment Bank User suddenly needs cash for unexpected expenses – As Airtel Tez Portal BC you can help him to withdraw cash instantly.

Cash Drop:

The innovative Cash Drop feature allows Airtel Payment Bank BC agents to collect cash on behalf of a company hassle-free at Airtel BC Point. Consider a scenario where a sales agent, instead of visiting the company physically, can securely drop the collected cash at a nearby BC point using this feature.

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Cash Deposit:

Bank BCs can effortlessly deposit cash into customer accounts, granting them control over their funds without the hassle of visiting a traditional bank. Think about a small business owner receiving daily cash payments – Airtel Tez Portal simplifies the deposit process, ensuring efficient fund management.

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Aadhaar Enabled Payment System:

BC agents can perform various banking services using customer Aadhaar authentication, ensuring secure and seamless transactions. Imagine a customer needing cash urgently; the BC agent can utilize Aadhaar authentication to facilitate quick cash withdrawals or deposits, enhancing financial accessibility. They can also provide Balance Inquiries and Mini Statements to all Banks using Aadhaar authentication.

Mobile Recharges:

Engage your BC points and earn extra commission by providing mobile recharge facilities through the Airtel Tez Portal. For example, consider a customer running out of mobile balance during an important call – your BC point can come to the rescue, earning a commission while assisting the customer.

DTH Bill Payments:

Manage your customer’s entertainment subscriptions by promptly paying DTH bills through the portal, earning an extra commission. Visualize a customer eager to watch a crucial sports match – quick DTH bill payment through the Airtel Tez Portal ensures uninterrupted entertainment.

Utility Bill Payments:

Settle essential bills like electricity, gas, and water with a few clicks, earning an extra commission in the process. Imagine a customer facing a due date for their electricity bill – your BC point can help them make a swift payment and earn a commission simultaneously.

VBD Support:

Provide vector-borne disease support to your customers, earning a good commission. Consider a scenario where a customer faces medical costs due to a covered vector-borne disease – the support provided through VBD can alleviate financial burdens while earning commissions for the BC.

Commission Meter:

Track your commissions easily, ensuring transparency in your financial dealings through the user-friendly Commission Meter feature. Imagine managing multiple transactions – the Commission Meter provides a clear overview, allowing BCs to stay informed about their earnings.

Transaction History:

Keep a comprehensive record of your transactions, providing insights into your financial activities over time. Consider a situation where a customer wants to review past transactions – the Transaction History feature ensures transparency and customer satisfaction.

Ledger History:

Access your ledger history effortlessly, aiding in managing your account with clarity and precision. For instance, a BC managing multiple accounts can efficiently track and manage funds, ensuring accurate financial records.

My Offers:

Enjoy exclusive offers tailored to your financial preferences, enhancing your experience with personalized benefits. Imagine receiving special discounts or cashback offers based on your transaction patterns – My Offers make banking more rewarding.

Open Bank Account (New):

Seamlessly open a new Airtel Payment Bank account through the portal, simplifying the onboarding process for users. Picture a new customer looking to open a bank account – the Airtel Tez Portal streamlines the process, making it hassle-free and efficient.

Savings Bank Account Dormancy Removal (New):

Reactivate dormant Airtel Payment Bank savings accounts easily, giving users a chance to revive and utilize their accounts effectively. Consider a customer who forgot about their savings account – the Airtel Tez Portal offers a simple solution to reactivate and resume banking activities.

Download/Print Account Certificate:

Access and print your Airtel Payment Bank account certificates conveniently, providing necessary documentation whenever required. Imagine a user needing an account certificate for a financial transaction – the Airtel Tez Portal ensures easy access and retrieval.

Prime Subscription Plans:

Explore and subscribe to prime plans, unlocking additional benefits and features for an enhanced banking experience. Visualize a customer opting for a prime subscription to enjoy exclusive perks, making their banking experience more rewarding.

Utility Payments- BBPS:

Avail of the convenience of paying various utility bills through the Bharat Bill Payment System (BBPS), streamlining your bill settlement process. Consider a scenario where a customer can pay multiple bills at once through the Airtel Tez Retailer Portal, simplifying their financial management.

Airtel Tez Portal Latest Version vs Mitra Mobile Version Interface

FeaturesAirtel Tez Portal Latest VersionMobile Version
Comprehensive ServicesOffers a wide range of financial services.Primarily for basic transactions.
User-Friendly InterfaceEasy-to-navigate design for smooth transactions.Simple design for quick use.
Enhanced FeaturesUpdated and advanced features.Focuses on fundamental functions.
Transaction TransparencyClear overview of commissions and transactions.Provides basic transaction details.
Easier Account ManagementAccess to transaction and ledger history.Basic transaction history support.
Exclusive OffersPersonalized benefits and exclusive offers.Limited promotional benefits.
Efficient Account HandlingStreamlines account opening and dormancy removal.Basic mobile-friendly account setup.
Improved Printing OptionsConvenient access to print account certificates.Limited document printing support.

Who Preffred the Airtel Tez Portal Latest Version?

This Airtel Tez Web Portal is ideal for those BC Agents who value the convenience of handling various banking tasks, from basic transactions to advanced features, on a larger screen. Whether users are on a computer or a laptop, the web version ensures a seamless and efficient experience, offering the flexibility to access Airtel Tez services from a large Screen with the Fastest internet connectivity.

Final Word on Airtel Tez Portal Latest Version

The Airtel Tez Portal Latest Version offers a complete solution for all of your utility and financial needs. With its wide range of services and intuitive layout, the portal makes sure that handling your money is a pleasurable experience rather than just a chore. Airtel Tez Portal Latest Version makes banking easy for customers and Airtel Payments Bank BC by empowering your financial journey with basic transactions, bill payments, and premium subscription plans.

FAQs on Airtel Tez Portal Latest Version

What is the Airtel Tez Portal Latest Version?

Airtel Tez Portal Latest Version 23.12.20 is the newest update to Airtel’s financial platform, offering a range of services for easy and efficient money management.

What services does it provide?

The portal covers everything from basic transactions like adding balance to advanced features like Aadhaar-enabled payments, making it a one-stop solution for various financial needs.

How user-friendly is it?

Extremely user-friendly! The interface is designed for easy navigation, ensuring a seamless experience for users.

Can I open a new bank account through the portal?

Yes, it’s simple! The Airtel Tez Portal streamlines the process, making it easy for users to open a new Airtel Payment Bank account.

Are there any tools for tracking transactions?

Yes! The portal provides tools like the Commission Meter for tracking commissions and transaction history for a comprehensive overview.

When will come Airtel Tez Portal next updated?

The Latest Version 23.12.20 reflects Airtel’s commitment to staying current. Regular updates ensure users have access to the latest features and innovations.

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