Animated Profile Picture: Animate Your Profile Picture in 5 Easy Steps!

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Make Engagement on Your Social Media using Animated Profile Pictures

Are you tired of your boring, old profile picture just sitting there like a digital wallflower? Say goodbye to the snooze-fest of static images and wave hello to the animated profile picture revolution! Imagine your picture doing a little dance, capturing attention, and adding a dash of your personality to your online vibe. It’s like bringing your photo to life with a sprinkle of magic. So, if you’re ready to stand out in the digital crowd, animated profile pictures are your new best friend!

animated profile picture

How to Generate Animated Profile Picture: Step-by-Step

1. Remove the Background

Remove Background using

Ever wondered how to make your profile picture pop without the distraction of a cluttered background? Enter, your virtual background banisher. It’s a simple tool that works like magic, wiping away the background of your chosen photo, leaving you with a clean slate.

Step-by-step guide on using

  1. Visit and upload your chosen photo.
  2. Let work its magic.
  3. Say goodbye to boring backgrounds!

2. Make a Video

Make a Video Using

Now that you have a background-free photo, let’s dive into the Jitterverse with This is where the real magic happens. is an easy-to-use platform that brings life to your pictures.

Creating a new file on with specific settings

  1. Visit and click “Create New File.”
  2. Set the size to 360×360 – the perfect fit for your Gmail profile picture.

3. Dropping and Dressing Up

Dragging the background-free photo onto the platform

With your background-free photo in hand, drag it onto the platform. This is your canvas – ready to be animated.

Choosing a background color for added flair

Feeling fancy? Pick a background color that suits your style. It’s the first step in personalizing your animated masterpiece.

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4 Animating Time!

Starting the animation process on

Click “Animate” and select “New Animation.” This is where the real fun begins.

Banner Image

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Adding extra flair with “Slide In” and “Slide Out” animations

Want your picture to make a smooth entrance and exit? Choose “Slide In” for the entrance and hit “Animate” again, selecting “Slide Out” for a seamless exit.

5. GIF it Up and Go Social

Exporting the animated masterpiece as a GIF

Click “Export GIF,” and done! Your animated masterpiece is ready to be shared with the world.

Setting the animated profile picture on Gmail

Head over to Gmail and set your newfound creation as your profile picture. Now, every email you send will be preceded by a captivating little dance, leaving your recipients amazed and asking, “How did you do that?!”

Top Alternatives of for Creating Animated Profile Picture

Here are some super easy alternatives to that won’t make your head spin:

Canva: Picture this – a free platform with ready-to-go animated templates crafted just for your profile picture needs. Simply toss in your photos, sprinkle some text, effects, and maybe even a bit of music, and voila!

Adobe Spark: Joining the cool squad of Adobe Creative Cloud, Spark is your go-to for creating snazzy animated social media graphics, including profile pics. Pick a template, pop in your pics and text, and groove to your animation beat. Known for GIFs, Giphy also lets you turn still pics into basic animated wonders. Take your pick from a library of effects, adjust the speed, and hit the download button.

Pixaloop: Take your photos on a joyride with Pixaloop, a mobile app that adds real-life movement to specific elements. Let your hair flow, make water ripple, or add a hint of life like breathing or blinking.

Loopsie: Another mobile app that’s all about animated portraits. Upload your pic, choose a pre-made loop, and dial in the speed and style for a profile pic that’s uniquely yours. & Kapwing: These tag-team champs might not be direct profile pic creators, but together they pack a punch. clears your background, and Kapwing lets you spice things up with animations, overlays, and even a dash of music.

Plotagon: Powered by AI, this platform brings your avatars to life, mimicking your expressions and moves. While not profile pic-specific, you can grab screenshots for a dynamite profile image.

Placeit: Your one-stop shop for pre-made animated templates, including profile pics for all your social media hangouts. Pick a template, jazz it up with your pics and words, and hit download for instant animated charm.

Biteable: More than just a video maker, Biteable surprises with a stash of animated profile picture templates. Dive into different styles, toss in text and effects, and fetch your creation as a GIF or video.

Animoto: Mainly a video whiz, Animoto sneaks in with a few animated profile picture templates. Add text, a pinch of animation, and voila – your profile pic is ready for the spotlight.

Basic Tip for Making Animated Profile Picture

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Spread the word! Share this post with your Gmail friends and let them join the animated profile picture revolution.

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Unleash Your Inner Animator

Experiment with different animation styles, and backgrounds, and even add text or overlays to truly personalize your animated profile picture. The possibilities are endless!

P.S. Feel Free to Experiment

Feel free to experiment with different animation styles, backgrounds, text, and overlays. Let your creativity run wild and make your animated profile picture uniquely yours.


In the digital world, it’s the little things that make you stand out. Unleash your inner animator and watch your profile picture come alive with It’s time to enter the animated profile picture revolution and leave a lasting impression.


Can I use any photo for the animated profile picture

Yes, as long as it’s compatible with and

Are there other animation styles besides “Slide In” and “Slide Out”? offers various animation styles to suit your preferences.

Can I change my animated profile picture anytime?

Absolutely! Simply repeat the process with a new photo whenever you like.

Do I need technical skills to create an animated profile picture?

Not at all! The tools are user-friendly, making the process accessible to everyone.

Is there a limit to the file size of the exported GIF? optimizes the file size for easy social media and email sharing.

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