Avoiding Common Mistakes When Taking Personal Loans: You Should Know

By Bikash

Common Mistakes When Taking Personal Loans: How to Avoid Them?

Have you ever thought about getting a personal loan? Ever needed some extra money for something important? It’s normal, we’ve all been there. Now, imagine getting a personal loan is a complicated process, and you want to be sure you’re on the right path. In this guide, we’ll explore Avoiding Common Mistakes When Taking Personal Loans and Getting a Personal Loans Smoother. So, let’s keep things simple, learn together, and make sure your personal loan experience is as easy as pie!

1. Quick Loans: Fast vs. Slow

When people need money fast, they tend to pick the first loan they see. However, it’s important to know that not all loans are the same. Some loans can take a long time, but some of the Lone providers offer very fast Personal Loan Approval Within minutes.

These loans are super quick, they say yes in just 30 minutes! So, if you have a small money problem and don’t want to wait around, These Personal Loans are like a speedy solution, helping you out in no time.

InstitutionLoan TypeApproval Time
Bajaj FinservPersonal LoanWithin 24 hours
Tata CapitalPersonal LoanWithin 3 days
PaySensePersonal LoanWithin minutes
DMI FinancePersonal LoanWithin 2 hours
HDFC BankPersonal LoanWithin 3 minutes
ICICI BankPersonal LoanWithin 10 minutes
Axis BankPersonal LoanWithin 1 business day
Kotak Mahindra BankPersonal LoanWithin 4 hours
SBIPersonal LoanWithin 3 days

2. Interest Rates: Understanding Money Costs

Understanding interest rates is similar to knowing the price tag of something you want to buy. Imagine you’re buying a favorite snack, and there’s a small difference in the cost maybe 12% or 13%. That tiny change can make you spend more each month. When it comes to loans, it’s the same!

Keep an eye out for loans with good rates, like Kotak Personal Loans that start from a low 10.99%* per annum. This way, your money stays safe, and you won’t have to worry about spending extra every month. It’s like getting your favorite snack at the best price possible!

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NBFCInterest Rate Range (p.a.)Additional Information
Bajaj Finserv11.00% – 25.00%Up to ₹40 Lakh loan amount, tenure up to 8 years
Tata Capital10.99% – 35.00%Up to ₹75 Lakh loan amount, tenure up to 6 years
DMI Finance12.00% – 40.00%Up to ₹25 Lakh loan amount, tenure up to 5 years
Axis Finance11.75% – 26.99%Up to ₹25 Lakh loan amount, tenure up to 5 years
IIFL Finance14.00% – 36.00%Up to ₹2 Lakh loan amount, tenure up to 2 years
BankInterest Rate Range (p.a.)Additional Information
HDFC Bank10.50% – 21.00%Up to ₹40 Lakh loan amount, tenure up to 5 years
ICICI Bank10.25% – 20.75%Up to ₹20 Lakh loan amount, tenure up to 5 years
Axis Bank10.99% – 22.00%Up to ₹15 Lakh loan amount, tenure up to 5 years
Kotak Mahindra Bank10.49% – 22.00%Up to ₹30 Lakh loan amount, tenure up to 5 years
SBI10.50% – 13.25%Up to ₹20 Lakh loan amount, tenure up to 5 years

3. Credit Score: Your Money Reputation

Your Credit Score is like your money’s reputation! When you want a loan, having a good credit score is super important. It’s like having a good report card for your money habits. If your score is good, banks trust you more. That means you can get your loan approved faster, and they might even give you better rates. It’s a bit like being the responsible friend that everyone can count on.

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On the other hand, if your score isn’t so great, getting a loan might be trickier. Banks might hesitate, and if they do approve it, the rates could be higher. So, it’s like making sure your money reputation is in tip-top shape before asking for that loan.

4. Tools to Help: EMI Calculators

Imagine you’re buying something, but you have no idea how much it will cost you every month. That sounds pretty scary, doesn’t it? Well, here’s where Personal Loan EMI Calculators come to the rescue. They’re like your friendly buddy who helps you plan things out. These nifty tools tell you exactly how much you’ll need to pay each month for your loan.

It’s like having a little guide by your side, making sure you’re not in the dark about your monthly expenses. So, before you take that loan plunge, let your buddy, the EMI Calculator, show you the way and make your money journey a lot less frightening!

5. Pre-Approved Loans: Surprises for Friends

Did you ever think your bank could give you a loan without you asking for it? Well, guess what! Some Banks or NBFCs provide Pre-Approved Loans depending on your Credit Score. It’s as if they’re saying, “Hey, you’re our friend, and here’s a loan just for you!”

Imagine checking your account and finding this surprise waiting for you. So, take a moment, login, and see if there’s a special loan waiting just for you. It’s like getting a friendly gift from your bank, making your financial journey a bit more exciting and stress-free.

InstitutionLoan TypeEligibility Criteria
Bajaj FinservPre-approved LoanSalaried individuals with employer tie-ups and good credit
Tata CapitalPre-approved LoanExisting customers with good credit scores
IDFC First BankPre-approved LoanSelect customers based on salary account data and history
CIBIL TransUnion Ltd.Pre-approved LoanConnects individuals based on credit report
DMI FinancePre-approved LoanSalaried individuals with consistent salary credits
HDFC BankPre-approved LoanExisting customers with a good credit history
ICICI BankPre-approved LoanSalaried individuals with salary accounts and good credit
Axis BankPre-approved LoanExisting customers with good credit history
Kotak Mahindra BankPre-approved LoanSalaried individuals with accounts at the bank and good credit
SBIPre-approved LoanSelect customers based on salary account data and banking history

6. Easy Repayments: Making Money Fit Your Life

Repaying a loan should never stress you out. Banks and NBFCs (Non-Banking Financial Companies) are here to make it easy for you. They let you decide how to pay back the money, fitting it into your life just like you choose comfy shoes for a walk.

You get to pick a time between 1 to 6 years to return the money. It’s like having the flexibility to decide when and how to take each step on your money journey. So, paying back a loan becomes as comfortable and stress-free as selecting your favorite pair of shoes for a stroll.

7. Big Loans for Big Needs: Making Life Simple

Imagine you need a lot of money for different things. Some people borrow a little here and there, like puzzle pieces scattered everywhere. But guess what? Some banks and NBFCs (Non-Banking Financial Companies) offer a super cool solution.

They give you up to Rs 40 lakh all at once! It’s like getting one big puzzle piece to solve everything instead of dealing with many small ones. So, instead of making things complicated, you can simplify your life by grabbing a big loan that covers all your needs in one go. Easy, right?

Conclusion on Common Mistakes When Taking Personal Loans

Having this useful money advice at your disposal makes it easy to make wise choices regarding personal loans. Consider banks as your dependable financial allies. They offer quick loans, easy repayment plans, and answers for major financial requirements. Think of it as having friends who will always support you financially. So go ahead, make excellent use of your instruments, plan, and approach each financial step with assurance. It’s like having a trustworthy coach for your thrilling financial journey!

FAQs on Common Mistakes When Taking Personal Loans

Does having a good credit score matter for loans?

Yes, it does! It helps you get faster approval and better rates, like having a good money reputation.

How does the EMI Calculator help with loans?

It’s like a money planner! It helps you know how much you’ll pay each month so that you can plan well.

What’s Special about pre-approved loans?

They’re like surprise gifts! If you’re eligible, you get instant approval and quick disbursals, like getting a present from your bank.

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