CSC DigiPay Lite Commission Structure 2024: Check Now New Rate!

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DigiPay Lite Commission Structure, Download, Registration & Login Process

We know DigiPay is CSC’s most popular and beneficial AEPS banking service where CSC VLE can earn a good commission by helping people provide financial assistance and support. CSC Digipay only can use an authorized CSC VLE using their CSC ID. DigiPay Lite is a newly developed Android and web-based application that enables CSC VLE to perform financial transactions such as cash deposits, cash withdrawals, balance inquiries, and other Utility Services which not available on DigiPay. Also there VLE can track their transaction with advanced methods and access multiple features.

There is CSC DigiPay lite for all CSC users who can use the AEPS by verifying with the Digital KYC process and earning a good commission. Let’s check the DigiPay Lite Commission Structure

DigiPay Lite Commission Structure

AEPS SlabsMarchant SharingFinal Commission after 5% TDS Dudtuction
1 – 19900
200 – 4000.4%0.38%
401 – 10000.34%0.32%
1001 – 17000.34%0.32%
1701 – 21990.34%0.32%
2200 – 29990.34%0.32%
3000 and Above10.29.69
Mini Statement1.61.52

How to Install MATM for DigiPay Lite

Those CSC VLE who already have a Micro ATM or have ordered a Micro ATM from CSC Bazar then need to map their Micro ATM Device with DigiPay Lite to use a Micro ATM. To map your MATM device with DigiPayLite go to Help/Support and request for Mapping with (User ID- Add 01 before CSC ID and MATM SLN -6L123456) Format. Within 24 hours mapping will be done. You must know the process of MATM device Installation on Windows.

If you have not ordered a Micro ATM yet, then visit and order a Micro ATM device for Rs. 2100. Provide your proper address during the place of the order. After ordering, within 10-54 days it will be delivered to you by Indian Post.

DigiPay Lite MATM Commission

Transaction AmountVLE Commission
3000 and Above9.6

Services Available in DigiPay Lite

After known about the DigiPay Lite Commission Structure you should know which services do you offer customer:

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1) Domestic Money Transfer (DMT)
2) Aadhaar Enabled Payment System (AePS)
3) Micro ATM
4) Mini Statement
5) Balance Enquiry
6) Cash Withdrawal and Deposit
7) Aadhaar Pay (New Services)
8) UPI Payments (New Services)

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Benefits of DigiPay Lite

=> Does not require Bio Authentication for logging in.
=> Maximum DMT limit Up to 75000
=> Works on Windows and Android Platform
=> High Transaction Success Ratio
=> Require one-time OTP login for 24 Hr
=> Separate IVR for instant support
=> Live chat facility for instant resolution
=> Can Add multiple Banks accounts for Cash out
=> Real-time commission credit.
=> Mini Statement Commission

Difference Between DigiPay and DigiPay Lite

DigiPayDigiPay Lite
Require Bio Authentication for loginDoes not require Bio Authentication for login
Only Register Bank Accounts used for Cash outThe Commission Rate is a bit less than DigiPay
Commission Rate bit more than DigiPay LiteThe commission Rate is a bit less than DigiPay
No Live chat facility available for instant resolutionLive chat facility for instant resolution
DigiPay UPI Payment, Aadhaar Pay Not AvailableDigiPayLite UPI Payment, Aadhaar Pay is Available

DigiPay Lite User ID Creation Process

To create a user ID for DigiPayLite, the following basic details may be required:

  1. User Name
  2. Mobile no
  3. Email Id
  4. Shop Name
  5. State

These details should be provided to the relevant District Manager or DigiPay Support, who will use them to create the user ID and send a welcome email to the user with login details and instructions on how to access the DigiPayLite platform.

How to Do DigiPay Lite eKyc?

Here is the process for DigiPay Lite Onboarding KYC verification:

  • First download/install the mobile application
  • Log in with your User ID (add 01 before CSC ID) and Password
  • If you do not Get Password the please Reset the Password
  • After Login, You have to be promoted to Do KYC
  • Enter your Basic Details
  • Capture a clear original PAN card Front Side Photo.
  • Capture a clear front/back side photo of the original Aadhaar Card.
  • Take your selfie with proper Light without wearing any cap or mask
  • Then capture the photo of your CSC shop
  • Then Submit the KYC Application
  • Once the documents are successfully verified, the retailer is approved to use the app for transactions.

Within 72 hr your KYC Details will be verified and approved. If you still getting pending status please contact support or generate a ticket with a screenshot.

Note: Remember if you are not mapped by the relevant District Manager or DigiPay Lite Support you should not perform the DigipayLite login as a CSC VLE.

DigiPay Lite Mobile App Login Process

=> The retailer needs to log in through the app with the credential, Username, and Password
=> The user needs to generate a new MPIN using the Generate MPIN option
=> An MPIN would be received on a registered mobile
=> Enter the received MPIN on the Verify MPIN option.

Onboarding Process on DigiPay Lite

  • After getting the Username and Default Password
  • The retailer logs in to the app.
  • The retailer is prompted to complete the KYC verification process.
  • The retailer is asked to provide their Aadhar card and PAN card.
  • Complete KYC with Liveness Verification using live Selfie
  • After completing the KYC Process and submitting the required documents.
  • The documents are reviewed and verified by the Common Onboarding team.

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DigiPay Lite DMT Overview

We all know that the New version of the DigiPay Domestic Money Transfer (DMT) service is disabled temporarily. But if you are already Onboarding on DigiPayLite then you should use the DMT Service. There you process a maximum DMT of Up to 75000. To use the DMT Service you should follow the Do’s and Don’t very Carefully.


  • Always ensure twice that you have entered the correct details of the remitter.
  • Always Enter the correct account details of the beneficiary and also validate the account number of the beneficiary.
  • Take Cash against the successful transaction along with a 1% transaction charge.
  • Also, take cash and transaction charges for transactions showing as pending. Such transactions become successful after some time depending upon the destination bank’s response.


  • Do not overcharge from Remitter.
  • Never forget to give a transaction receipt
  • Never forget to collect a transaction charge of 1% from the remitter. CSC does not pay for it.
  • Do not take cash in DMT in case the transaction is failed.

DigiPay Lite DMT Commission Structure

DMT Transaction AmountVLE Commission After TDS Deduction
100 – 10004.78
1001 – 15008.17
1501 – 200011.56
2001 – 250014.95
2501 – 300018.34
3001 – 350021.73
3501 – 400025.12
4001 – 450028.51
4501 – 500031.90

How to Contact DigiPay Lite Support?

There is a Dedicated Support team for CSC DigiPay Lite Marchant. DigiPayLite All-in-one Helpdesk is Available from 10:30 AM to 7:30 PM. It is recommended to raise a ticket with a description of your problem and a screenshot before calling the Helpdesk. The Helpdesk Number is 08069649701. There is also live Chat Support for Instant Solutions.

DigiPay Lite Resources

DigiPay Lite RegistrationRegister Now
DigiPay Lite Web LinkWeb Portal Login
DigiPay Lite App LinkAPK File
DigiPay Lite mATM DriverDirect Link

FAQs on DigiPay Lite Commission Structure

What is DigiPay Lite?

DigiPayLite is a CSC AEPS platform that allows users to make online transactions and payments securely using Aadhaar Authentication.

Who can use DigiPay Lite?

Any CSC VLE who has an approved CSC ID can use DigiPayLite.

How do I sign up for DigiPay Lite?

To sign up for DigiPayLite, you will need to provide certain personal and business details to your District Manager or DigiPay Support. Once your user ID has been created, you will receive a welcome email with login details and instructions on how to access the platform.

Is DigiPay Lite safe to use?

Yes, DigiPayLite uses secure protocols to protect the privacy and security of its users’ personal and financial information.

Is there a fee to use DigiPay Lite?

No, there are no registration charges to use the platform. Using this platform users make a good commission on every successful transaction.

What is DigiPay Lite User ID?

Your User ID will be your CSC ID and add 01 before your CSC ID. If your CSC ID is 222222222222 then your DigiPay Lite ID will 01222222222222.

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