Earn Rewards by Web Search with Microsoft Rewards Extension

By Bikash

Discover the Benefits of the Microsoft Rewards Extension

Who wouldn’t want to receive incentives for doing a simple Web Search? You may access a variety of chances to earn points quickly while taking part in your favorite online activities when you use the Microsoft Rewards extension. We will examine the benefits and features of the Microsoft Rewards extension in this post, as well as how it may improve your regular browsing. Let’s explore the fascinating world of Microsoft Rewards now!

What is Microsoft Reward Extension?

Users who engage in regular online activity can earn prizes through the Microsoft prizes program. You may earn points that can be exchanged for a variety of content and gadgets by using Bing as your preferred search engine, surfing with Microsoft Edge, and making purchases from the Microsoft and Windows shops. Simply log into Microsoft Rewards or sign up right now from the official website to get started.

What is Microsoft Rewards used for?

Users can earn rewards through the Microsoft prizes program for their online activity. Users are encouraged and rewarded for utilizing Microsoft’s services and products through its utilization. Users may earn points by taking part in various activities like using Bing for searches, Microsoft Edge for browsing, and Microsoft and Windows shops for purchases. After that, these points may be exchanged for a variety of gifts, including gift cards, DVDs, CDs, video games, applications, and even electronics like the Xbox One. Microsoft Rewards strives to improve consumers’ online interactions and provide them with observable advantages for sticking with Microsoft goods and services.

Do Microsoft Rewards Give Real Money?

Points from Microsoft Rewards cannot be converted into cash. Instead, you can exchange your points for a variety of prizes, including gift cards, CDs, DVDs, video games, applications, and even Xbox One hardware. The quantity of points needed for each item determines how valuable the prizes are. Typically, 5,000 points are needed to redeem anything for $5. It’s vital to remember that if there aren’t any earning activities within 18 months, Microsoft Rewards points will expire. So be sure to keep moving so you may take advantage of Microsoft’s great benefits!

Microsoft Rewards Extension: Let’s Get Started Earning

The Power of the Microsoft Rewards Extension

The objective of the Microsoft Rewards extension is to give users a simple method to accumulate points, monitor their progress, and get the most out of their online activities. You may easily accrue points when doing searches, using Microsoft Edge to browse, or making purchases from the Microsoft and Windows shops by adding this extension to your browser.

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Track Your Points and Status Anytime

You can simply monitor your point status and balance with the Microsoft Rewards extension. Anywhere on the internet, you can quickly check the extension to get the most recent updates on your gained points. This guarantees that you are kept up to date on your progress toward your desired rewards.

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Convenient Access to Rewards and Redemption Pages

The days of scrolling through several pages trying to find your awards and redemption possibilities are past. You can easily browse the extensive selection of options accessible to you thanks to the Microsoft Rewards extension, which provides quick access to your rewards and redemption sites. There is a wide variety of material available, ranging from games and apps to music and movies.

Complete Daily Offers for Quick Points

By offering daily deals, the Microsoft Rewards addon makes earning points simpler than ever. These offers provide you with quick, easy activities that you may do, allowing you to rack up points quickly. You’ll be well on your way to obtaining thrilling prizes with only a few clicks.

Keep Tabs on Your Daily Earnings

Are you curious about your daily point totals? You can track your daily earnings with the help of the Microsoft Rewards extension’s useful function. This not only gives you a sense of success, but it also enables you to establish objectives and track your development over time.

Setting Your Goal Rewards

You have the ability to choose the rewards for your goal using the Microsoft Rewards extension. You may use the points you earn to purchase any kind of media you choose, including movies, music albums, games, and even Xbox Ones. You may stay motivated and focused by using the plugin, which gives you useful information about how many points you need to accomplish your objective.

Level Up Your Status

The extension has a special function that lets Level 2 Microsoft Rewards members keep track of how they’re doing in keeping that level each month. Additional bonuses and rewards that come with a Level 2 rank make it even more alluring to continue participating in the program. The extension ensures you never miss out on the special benefits by keeping you informed about the points needed to retain your status.

How to Use Microsoft Rewards Extension?

  • Install the extension on your web browser.
  • Sign in or join Microsoft Rewards.
  • Open the extension by clicking on its icon.
  • Check your point balance.
  • Explore available rewards.
  • Complete daily tasks for extra points.
  • Track your daily points.
  • Set goals for specific rewards.
  • Monitor your Level 2 status (if applicable).
  • Redeem your points for movies, music, games, and more.


The Microsoft rewards extension is a useful tool that improves your online experience by making it simple to accumulate points, manage your progress, and access a variety of prizes. No matter what you’re looking for—movies, music, games, or gadgets—Microsoft Rewards has a wide assortment to suit your tastes. You may maximize your rewards and take advantage of the advantages of being a Microsoft Rewards member by incorporating the extension into your browsing habit. Utilize the Microsoft Rewards extension now to discover a world of intriguing opportunities!


What is the Microsoft Rewards extension?

The Microsoft Rewards extension is a tool that allows users to earn rewards for their online activities.

How can I earn points with the extension?

You can earn points by completing daily tasks, using Bing for searches, browsing with Microsoft Edge, and making purchases from Microsoft and Windows stores.

What rewards can I redeem with my points?

You can redeem your points for various rewards such as gift cards, movies, music, games, apps, and even devices like the Xbox One.

How do I install the extension?

To install the Microsoft Rewards extension, download it from the respective web store of your preferred browser (Chrome, Firefox, or Edge) and follow the installation instructions.

Can I track my point balance and progress?

Yes, the extension allows you to track your point balance, daily points earned, and your progress toward redeeming rewards.

Is the extension available for all browsers?

The Microsoft Rewards extension is available for popular web browsers such as Chrome, Firefox, and Edge.

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