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Quick and Easy Fixes for Google Pay Error u30 | Troubleshooting Guide

Google Pay has become a popular digital payment platform, offering convenience and simplicity for users. However, like any technology, it can encounter errors or issues that can hinder your payment experience. Understanding and troubleshooting these errors is essential to ensure smooth transactions and avoid frustration.

In this guide, we’ll explore common Google Pay errors and provide easy-to-follow solutions to help you overcome them. Whether you encounter the Google Pay Error u30, face the “something went wrong” message, or experience other specific errors like UPVD, z8, UPI risk threshold exceeded, OD transaction not permitted, BHIM risk threshold exceeded, Remitter CBS offline, or your bank server not responding, we’ve got you covered.

What is the Google Pay Error u30?

The Google Pay Error u30 usually happens when there’s a problem connecting the app to your bank or financial institution. It can be caused by issues with your account, poor connectivity, or outdated app versions. But don’t worry, we’ll help you troubleshoot and fix it step by step.

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What is the reason for Google Pay Error u30?

The Google Pay Error u30 can occur due to a few common reasons. Let’s break them down in simple terms:

Incorrect UPI PIN: If you’ve entered your UPI PIN incorrectly multiple times while making a transaction, Google Pay will display the u30 error. Double-check your UPI PIN and try again to ensure accuracy.

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Transaction Limit Exceeded: Google Pay imposes a daily transaction limit, and if you’ve surpassed that limit, you’ll encounter the Google Pay Error u30. This limit is set by your bank or financial institution and can vary for different users.

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Insufficient Funds: If your bank account doesn’t have enough funds to cover the transaction you’re trying to make, Google Pay will show the u30 error. Make sure you have sufficient funds in your account before attempting the transaction.

Inactive Bank Account: If you haven’t used your bank account for a long time, it might become inactive. In such cases, Google Pay may display the Google Pay Error u30 when you try to initiate a transaction. To resolve this, contact your bank to reactivate your account.

Easy Solutions of Google Pay Error u30

Check your internet connection: Ensure you have a stable internet connection by checking your Wi-Fi or mobile data.

Update Google Pay Application: Keep your app up to date by searching for Google Pay in your device’s app store and tapping “Update”.

Clear cache and data:

On Android:

  • Go to “Settings” > “Apps” or “Applications”.
  • Find and select “Google Pay”.
  • Tap “Storage” > “Clear cache” and “Clear data”

On iOS:

  • Go to “Settings” > “General”.
  • Select “iPhone Storage” or “iPad Storage”.
  • Find “Google Pay”.
  • Tap “Offload App” or “Delete App”, then reinstall it from the App Store.
  • Verify payment method and account: Ensure your linked payment method is active and has sufficient funds. Update or add payment methods in Google Pay settings if necessary.

Restart your device: Try restarting your smartphone or tablet, then open Google Pay again to see if the u30 error persists.

Contact customer support: If the error persists, reach out to Google Pay’s customer support at 1800-419-0157 or through their website or within the app for personalized troubleshooting assistance.

More Common Google Pay Errors and Their Solution

Here are lists of common Google Pay errors, their reasons, and their solutions:

Google Pay u66 ErrorConnectivity issues or server errorsCheck your internet connection. Ensure that you have a stable network. If the issue persists, try again later or contact Google Pay support.
“Something went wrong”Technical issues or temporary service disruptionThe transaction exceeds the risk threshold set by your bank
UPVD Error in Google PayInvalid UPI Virtual Payment Address (VPA)Verify and correct the entered VPA. Double-check for any typos or errors in the VPA and try the transaction again.
Google Pay z8 ErrorInvalid or expired UPI PINUpdate or reset your UPI PIN through your bank’s mobile banking app. Make sure the new PIN is active and try the transaction again.
UPI Risk Threshold ExceededContact your bank’s customer support for assistance. They can guide transaction limits and potential solutions.The transaction exceeds the risk threshold set by BHIM UPI
OD Transaction Not PermittedOverdraft (OD) transactions are not allowed on your bank accountCheck your bank’s policies regarding overdraft transactions. If necessary, use an alternate payment method or ensure sufficient funds in your account.
BHIM Risk Threshold ExceededTransaction exceeds the risk threshold set by BHIM UPIContact BHIM UPI customer support or your bank for guidance on transaction limits and potential solutions.
Remitter CBS OfflineConnectivity issues with your bank’s serverWait for a few minutes and try again. If the problem persists, contact your bank’s customer support or try the transaction at a later time.
Your Bank Server Didn’t RespondConnectivity issues with your bank’s serverVerify your internet connection. If the issue continues, contact your bank’s customer support for assistance.


Encountering errors while using Google Pay can be frustrating, but with the right knowledge and troubleshooting steps, you can overcome them and enjoy seamless transactions once again. By following the solutions provided for the Google Pay Error u30, such as checking your internet connection, updating the app, clearing cache and data, verifying payment methods, restarting your device, and reaching out to customer support if needed, you can resolve the issue with ease.


What is Google Pay Error u30?

Google Pay Error u30 typically occurs when there is a problem with the app’s communication with your bank or financial institution, often due to issues with your account, connectivity problems, or outdated app versions.

How can I fix Google Pay Error u30?

To fix Google Pay Error u30, you can try the following steps:
1. Check your internet connection.
2. Update Google Pay to the latest version.
3. Clear cache and data.
4. Verify your payment method and account.
5. Restart your device.
6. Contact customer support if the error persists.

Why does Google Pay show Error u30 when making payments?

Google Pay may show Error u30 when making payments due to factors like incorrect UPI PIN entry, exceeding the daily transaction limit, insufficient funds, or an inactive bank account.

How do I update Google Pay to the latest version?

To update Google Pay, go to your device’s app store (Google Play Store for Android or App Store for iOS). Search for “Google Pay” and tap on “Update” if an update is available.

What should I do if the u30 error in Google Pay continues?

If the u30 error in Google Pay persists, you can contact Google Pay’s customer support for personalized assistance. They can provide further guidance based on your specific situation.

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