Foxit PDF vs Adobe: Who is Top Position of the PDF Editors?

By Bikash

Foxit PDF vs Adobe: Which one has a more user-friendly interface and pro features?

The most common file type for exchanging papers and other material online is now PDF files. Foxit PDF vs Adobe is two of the most popular software for editing, producing, and managing PDF files. The most well-known piece of software that people are aware of is probably Adobe Acrobat. But since the release of the Foxit PDF editor, there has been a lot of competition between the two. This article will contrast Foxit PDF vs Adobe to see which one is the superior program for your PDF editing need. In order to assist you choose which one is ideal for your needs, we will compare Foxit PDF vs. Adobe in this post.

What is Foxit PDF?

You can read and modify PDF files with the aid of Foxit PDF. It was created by Foxit Software, and because it is inexpensive and has a lot of useful functions, it has gained popularity. It may be used on a variety of platforms, including Windows, Mac, and Linux. The fact that Foxit PDF has a straightforward and user-friendly interface is one of its main features. Additionally, it allows you to add comments, annotate forms, and convert PDFs into various file kinds.

What is Adobe Acrobat?

You can read and modify PDF files with the aid of Adobe Acrobat software. It has been utilized extensively in the sector since its introduction in 1993. Adobe Acrobat may be used on a variety of platforms, including Windows, Mac, and mobile devices. It is well known that Adobe Acrobat is incredibly powerful and has a wide range of PDF editing features. It allows you to create forms, add movies or music, and password-protect your content. Additionally compatible with other Adobe goods like Photoshop and InDesign is Adobe Acrobat.

Foxit PDF vs Adobe: An Overview

Since Adobe invented the PDF format in the 1990s, it is the name with the highest recognition in the world of PDFs. In addition to Adobe Reader, Adobe Acrobat Standard, and Adobe Acrobat Pro, Adobe provides a variety of PDF utilities. These tools are robust, loaded with features, and frequently preferred by experts. Check which one is the best one for you Foxit PDF vs Adobe.

Foxit PDF, on the other hand, is a relative newcomer to the PDF industry. However, its outstanding feature set, speed, and affordability have helped it swiftly become popular. Foxit Reader, Foxit PhantomPDF Standard, and Foxit PhantomPDF Business are just a few of the capabilities that Foxit PDF provides.

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Foxit PDF vs Adobe Comparison

FeaturesFoxit PDF EditorAdobe PDF Editor
User InterfaceSimple and intuitiveUser-friendly but can be overwhelming for beginners
Editing FeaturesSuitable for individual and small business use, with features such as PDF conversion, OCR, and redactionMore advanced features for professional use, such as creating and editing PDF forms
Security FeaturesComes with a secure RMS plugin for protecting PDF documents from unauthorized accessOffers password protection, certificate encryption, and digital signature capabilities
Collaboration FeaturesOffers collaboration features for sharing PDF documents, but less advanced than Adobe PDF editorMore advanced collaboration features for real-time sharing and tracking changes

Foxit PDF Editor vs Adobe Acrobat User Interface

Although both Foxit PDF vs Adobe offers user-friendly interfaces, their layout, and design are different. Check which one is the best one for you Foxit PDF vs Adobe. Foxit PDF is a user-friendly interface that is clear-cut and uncomplicated. Users get rapid access to frequently used tools thanks to the toolbar’s customization options.

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On the other hand, Adobe Acrobat has a more complicated interface that might be intimidating for novice users. It offers several tools and functions that are arranged into various panels and menus. Additionally, Adobe Acrobat offers a variety of keyboard shortcuts that might be tricky to learn.

Foxit Reader vs Adobe Reader Free

Check which one is the best one for you Foxit PDF vs Adobe.

Adobe Reader is one of the most widely used free PDF readers. A simple program that lets you view and print PDF files is called Adobe Reader. The lack of capabilities like editing, form-filling, and document signing prevents you from using them to work with PDF files.

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Another well-known free PDF viewer that has many capabilities that Adobe Viewer does not is Foxit Reader. You may view, annotate, and print PDF files with Foxit Reader. In addition, it supports a number of file types, including XFA, which Adobe Reader does not.

Foxit PhantomPDF vs Adobe Acrobat Pro

Foxit PhantomPDF and Adobe Acrobat Pro are two of the top choices for business-oriented PDF products. Both programs have a wealth of functionality that makes it simple to produce, edit, and manage PDF files.

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The price of these instruments is one of their key distinctions. Foxit PhantomPDF is considerably less costly than Adobe Acrobat Pro. However, Adobe Acrobat Pro provides several cutting-edge capabilities, such as 3D PDF generation, redaction, and accessibility tools, that could be necessary for some professionals.

Foxit PhantomPDF, on the other hand, gives professionals a more economical choice. The functions it offers, such as document merging, digital signatures, and OCR (optical character recognition), are comparable to those of Adobe Acrobat Pro.

Foxit vs Adobe Acrobat Pro

You may generate, edit, and alter PDF files with Foxit PDF Editor and Adobe Acrobat Pro, two potent PDF editing programs. There are, however, some significant distinctions between the two. Check which one is the best one for you Foxit PDF vs Adobe.

Since Foxit PDF Editor is less expensive than Adobe Acrobat Pro, it is a preferred solution for both individuals and small organizations. It provides a variety of editing tools, including those for text, images, and objects. It also has a user-friendly interface, making it simple to operate.

On the other hand, Adobe Acrobat Pro provides a more sophisticated set of editing capabilities, including the capacity to include multimedia components, produce forms, and redact sensitive data. Though it costs more than Foxit PDF Editor, it is still more expensive.

Adobe Acrobat Alternative Free

Here are some Adobe Acrobat alternatives that are free with the Foxit PDF vs Adobe comparison:

  1. PDF-XChange Editor: A robust PDF editor that includes a wide range of features such as form filling, OCR, and document conversion.
  2. Nitro PDF Reader: A feature-rich PDF reader and editor that allows users to create, edit, and annotate PDF documents.
  3. Sumatra PDF: A lightweight PDF reader that supports a wide range of file formats and includes basic editing features.
  4. Google PDF Reader: A web-based PDF reader that integrates with Google Drive and offers basic viewing and editing features.
  5. Foxit Reader: A powerful PDF reader and editor that includes features such as document signing and form filling.
  6. PDFelement: A comprehensive PDF editor that includes a range of advanced features such as batch processing and redaction.
  7. SlimPDF Reader: A lightweight PDF reader that offers basic viewing and printing features.
  8. Power PDF: A free trial version of a powerful PDF editor that includes features such as document conversion and form filling.
  9. PDF Lite: A simple and lightweight PDF reader that offers basic viewing and printing features.
  10. PDF Candy: A web-based PDF editor that includes a range of tools for editing and converting PDF documents.


In conclusion, Foxit PDF vs Adobe both provide strong tools for managing and modifying PDF files, accommodating various requirements and price points. As a free PDF viewer, Foxit Viewer would be preferable, although Adobe Acrobat Pro provides more robust functionality for professionals. While Adobe Acrobat Pro is more expensive than Foxit PhantomPDF, Adobe may be the superior option for more sophisticated features like 3D PDF production.

Foxit Reader may be a better choice if you’re seeking a free PDF reader because it has more features than Adobe Reader. Although it is more expensive, Adobe Acrobat Pro could be the best option if you are a professional searching for a fully-featured PDF editor.

Foxit PhantomPDF is an affordable substitute for Adobe Acrobat Pro that provides many of the same high-end capabilities for individuals on a tight budget. However, Adobe Acrobat Pro can be a better option if you Foxit PDF vs Adobe want more sophisticated features, such as the ability to create 3D PDFs.

Foxit PDF vs Adobe FAQs

Is Foxit better than Adobe?

It depends on your specific needs and budget. Foxit PDF vs Adobe offers powerful tools for managing and editing PDF files. Foxit may be a better option for those on a budget or looking for a free PDF reader with more features, while Adobe may be a better choice for professionals in need of a full-featured PDF editor.

Is Foxit faster than Adobe?

Foxit is known for its fast performance and efficient use of system resources, which may make it faster than Adobe Acrobat in some cases.

What is the difference between Adobe Acrobat and Foxit Reader?

Adobe Acrobat is a full-featured PDF editor that offers a range of advanced tools for manipulating and creating PDFs. Foxit Reader, on the other hand, is a free PDF reader that also offers some basic editing features. While both tools can be used for viewing and annotating PDFs, Adobe Acrobat offers more powerful editing capabilities. Check which one is the best one for you Foxit PDF vs Adobe.

What is better than Adobe PDF?

There are several PDF software options that are comparable to or even better than Adobe Acrobat, depending on your specific needs and preferences. Some popular alternatives include Foxit PDF, Nitro PDF, and PDFelement.

Is Foxit PDF reader free?

Yes, the Foxit PDF reader is free to download and use.

Is Adobe Acrobat free?

No, Adobe Acrobat is not free. There is a free version called Adobe Reader, but it has limited features compared to the paid version of Adobe Acrobat.

Can I convert PDFs with Foxit PDF?

Yes, Foxit PDF has a feature to convert PDFs to other file formats, such as Word, Excel, and PowerPoint.

Can I password-protect my PDFs with Foxit PDF and Adobe?

Yes, both Foxit PDF and Adobe Acrobat offer password protection features for PDFs.

Which one is easier to use, Foxit PDF or Adobe?

Foxit PDF has a user-friendly interface that is easy to navigate, while Adobe Acrobat can be more complex and overwhelming for beginners.

Can I use Foxit PDF and Adobe on a Mac?

Yes, both Foxit PDF and Adobe Acrobat are available for Mac users.

Can I annotate PDFs with Foxit PDF and Adobe?

Yes, both Foxit PDF and Adobe Acrobat have annotation features that allow you to add comments, highlight text, and draw shapes on PDFs.

Which one is better for basic PDF tasks, Foxit PDF or Adobe?

For basic PDF tasks, both Foxit PDF and Adobe Reader are suitable options. Foxit PDF has more features in its free version, while Adobe Reader is simpler and more streamlined for basic tasks.

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