100+ AdSense High CPC Keywords in India Boost Revenue 2024

By Bikash

Learn how High CPC keywords in India can optimize your AdSense Revenue

As website owners and content creators, we are constantly striving to maximize our AdSense earnings. One of the main strategies to achieve this is to target high CPC (cost per click) keywords. These keywords are known to have higher ad bids, which can lead to higher revenue for publishers. In this comprehensive guide, we explore High CPC Keywords in India and their importance, how to identify them, and how to optimize your site’s content among other sites and increase your AdSense income.

What is CPC?

CPC stands for Cost Per Click. It is the amount an advertiser pays each time their ad is clicked on online advertising platforms, such as Google Ads. CPC is a key metric used in pay-per-click (PPC) advertising to determine the cost of acquiring a single click on an ad.

What are high CPC keywords?

High CPC keywords are keywords that advertisers bid on online advertising platforms such as Google Ads and are associated with higher CPC (cost per click) compared to other keywords. These keywords tend to be competitive and may require a larger budget to run ads or target content marketing campaigns.

Advertisers are willing to bid higher for these keywords because they are often associated with valuable or high-converting products or services and can generate a higher return on investment (ROI) based on potential lead generation or revenue. High CPC keywords can vary by industry, location, and time, and are typically determined by factors such as search volume, competition, and the value or profitability of related products or services.

What is The Benefit of High CPC Keywords?

High CPC keywords play a crucial role in determining the revenue potential of your AdSense ads. Take a look below

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  • High CPC keywords are important because they can have a significant impact on the earning potential of your AdSense ads.
  • When advertisers are willing to pay more for a keyword, it shows a higher business objective and the potential for higher earnings per click.
  • By targeting high CPC keywords in your content, you can attract better-performing ads to your site, resulting in higher AdSense revenue.
  • High CPC keywords help you optimize your website monetization strategy and increase your overall AdSense revenue.
  • Properly researching and incorporating high CPC keywords into your content can improve your site’s chances of earning more from AdSense ads.

How do I Find High CPC Keywords?

There are some Tips for Identifying High CPC Keywords for Your AdSense Ads

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Use Keyword Research Tools

Tools like Google Keyword Planner, SEMrush, and Ahrefs can provide information about a keyword’s search volume, competition, and estimated CPC. Search for keywords with high search volume and high CPC to identify potential high CPC keywords.

Analyze Competitors

Analyze the content and keywords used by competitors who rank well in your target area. Look for keywords with high CPCs and low competition, as these can be great opportunities to target your content.

Focus on Long-Tail Keywords

Long-tail keywords are longer, more specific keywords that typically have lower search volume but higher CPC. They are less competitive and can be a goldmine for finding high CPC keywords to target.

Consider Industry Trends

Stay up to date with the latest industry trends and news. Identify trending topics and keywords that are gaining traction in your niche. These keywords may have higher CPCs because advertisers are trying to capitalize on the growing demand for these topics.

CPC in Google Ads varies on Multiple Factors

  1. Industry: Different industries have varying levels of competition, which can impact the CPC. More competitive industries tend to have higher CPCs.
  2. Location: CPC can vary based on the geographic location where the ads are being shown. Different regions or countries may have different levels of competition and advertiser demand, affecting CPC.
  3. Competition: The number of advertisers bidding on the same keywords can impact CPC. Higher competition means higher bids and potentially higher CPCs.
  4. Quality Score: The quality of your ads, landing pages, and overall relevance to the user’s search query can affect your Quality Score. Higher Quality Scores can lead to lower CPCs.
  5. Ad Position: Ads appearing at the top of the search results page tend to have higher CPCs compared to ads lower down the page.
  6. Ad Scheduling: CPC can also vary depending on the time of day, day of the week, or specific days of the month when ads are running. Higher demand periods may result in higher CPCs.
  7. Ad Format: Different ad formats, such as text ads, display ads, or video ads, may have different CPCs based on their performance and demand.

What are the High CPC Keywords in India?

Industry/NicheHighest CPC (in INR)
Insurance100 – 500
Legal Services50 – 300
Finance30 – 200
Health & Fitness20 – 150
Real Estate20 – 100
Education10 – 80
Travel & Tourism10 – 70
Technology10 – 50
Automotive5 – 40
Fashion & Beauty5 – 30

High CPC Keywords with Search Volume?

KeywordSearch VolumeCPC
Insurance100K – 1M$54.91
Loans100K – 1M$44.28
Mortgage100K – 1M$47.12
Attorney100K – 1M$47.07
Credit100K – 1M$36.06
Lawyer100K – 1M$42.51
Donate100K – 1M$42.02
Degree100K – 1M$40.61
Hosting100K – 1M$31.91
Claim100K – 1M$45.51
Conference Call10K – 100K$42.05
Trading100K – 1M$33.19
Software100K – 1M$35.29
Recovery100K – 1M$42.03
Transfer100K – 1M$29.86
Gas/Electricity100K – 1M$54.62
Classes100K – 1M$35.04
Rehab100K – 1M$33.59
Treatment100K – 1M$37.18
Cord Blood100K – 1M$27.80

Most Valuable High CPC Keywords

High CPC Insurance Keywords

KeywordSearch VolumeCPC
auto insurance quotes40.500$ 103.05
workers compensation insurance14.800$ 103.02
car insurance quotes165.000$ 97.61
compare car insurance online170$ 93.57
buy car insurance online1.600$ 89.65
auto insurance165.000$ 86.77
commercial auto insurance9.900$ 84.74
small business insurance14.800$ 82.63
professional indemnity140$ 80.54
general liability insurance5.400$ 77.06
e&o insurance8.100$ 76.07
business insurance40.500$ 75.26
car insurance368.000$ 75.20
insurance quotes135.000$ 73.91

Certainly, here are the groups of keywords separated into different tables:

Lawyer High CPC Keywords:

motorcycle lawyer$ 317.61
automobile accident lawyers$ 244.03
auto injury lawyers$ 241.30
accident claims lawyers$ 239.51
mesothelioma law firm$ 232.67
accident attorney$ 222.56
accident lawyers firm$ 214.14
accident lawyer$ 189.58
car wreck lawyer$ 186.39
car lawyer$ 176.11

Mortgage High CPC Keywords:

home refinance$ 75.23
best mortgage refinance companies$ 74.39
refinance home loan$ 66.59
mortgage preapproval$ 66.12
best place to refinance mortgage$ 65.90
refinance mortgage$ 63.57
best refinance companies$ 62.37
best refinance rates$ 60.61

Donate High CPC Keywords:

kidney foundation car donation$ 55.98
unicef donation$ 54.15
reputable car donation charities$ 49.68
npr car donation$ 47.07
donate money to charity$ 46.28
best car donation charities$ 43.14
cancer research donation$ 41.22
donating to charity$ 39.73

Degree High CPC Keywords:

msw online$ 122.51
msw programs$ 107.04
masters in social work$ 98.26
online psychology degree$ 94.63
online colleges$ 93.02
online social work degree$ 90.35
msw degree$ 81.60
psychology courses online$ 80.89
online business degree$ 80.76
elementary education online$ 75.00
online mba programs$ 71.99

SEO High CPC Keywords:

dental seo company$ 149.33
seo reputation management$ 97.36
seo copywriting services$ 97.16
international seo services$ 97.13
international seo agency$ 95.03
seo for plumbers$ 88.26
seo marketing experts$ 76.92
seo for ecommerce website$ 75.93
b2b seo services$ 72.15

Web Hosting High CPC Keywords:

best cloud hosting for wordpress$ 123.20
wordpress hosting services$ 110.93
dreamhost web hosting$ 107.26
best wordpress hosting 2021$ 97.24
wordpress cloud hosting$ 93.88
best managed wordpress hosting$ 90.83
premium wordpress hosting$ 88.94
fastest wordpress hosting$ 88.30
dedicated wordpress hosting$ 86.48
wordpress vps hosting$ 82.79
cloud based hosting providers$ 82.09
best wp hosting$ 79.37
wordpress domain and hosting$ 73.39
wordpress hosting$ 72.20
best magento hosting$ 70.10
month to month web hosting$ 69.05
vps wordpress$ 67.16
wordpress hosting sites$ 62.03
best wordpress hosting sites$ 61.97

Software High CPC Keywords:

accounting software$ 53.56
project management software$ 49.39
aomei backupper$ 39.21
dental software$ 38.08
crm software$ 38.02
erp software$ 37.26
pos system$ 36.74
crm$ 36.41
zoho people$ 32.62
crm system$ 32.37
project management tools$ 31.57
sap business one$ 31.10
cmms$ 30.57
software development$ 28.71

Medical High CPC Keywords:

medical billing and coding$ 56.30
medical billing$ 32.72
air ambulance$ 31.62
medical coder$ 27.66
emr systems$ 22.87
medical care$ 17.03
online prescription$ 16.75
emrs$ 15.55
private healthcare$ 12.83
emergency medicine doctor near me$ 12.14
weightloss clinic$ 10.69
st joseph medical center$ 10.55
medical student$ 10.32
medical practitioner$ 10.12
uber health$ 9.37
weight loss clinic$ 9.36
Western medicine$ 9.26
mental health care plan$ 9.10

Top High CPC Keywords 2024 You Should Check

KeywordCPC (USD)
Motorcycle lawyer$317.61
Automobile accident lawyers$244.03
Auto injury lawyers$241.30
Accident claims lawyers$239.51
Mesothelioma law firm$232.67
Accident attorney$222.56
Accident lawyers firm$214.14
Accident Attorney$189.58
Car wreck lawyer$186.39
Car lawyer$176.11
Accident Lawyer$75.23
Best mortgage refinance companies$74.39
Refinance home loan$66.59
Mortgage preapproval$66.12
Best place to refinance mortgage$65.90
Refinance mortgage$63.57
Best refinance companies$62.37
Best refinance rates$60.61
Home Refinance$55.98
UNICEF donation$54.15
Reputable car donation charities$49.68
NPR car donation$47.07
Donate money to charity$46.28
Best car donation charities$43.14
Cancer research donation$41.22
Donating to charity$39.73
MSW online$122.51
MSW programs$107.04
Masters in social work$98.26
Online psychology degree$94.63
Online colleges$93.02
Online social work degree$90.35
MSW degree$81.60
Psychology courses online$80.89
Online business degree$80.76
Elementary education online$75.00
Online MBA programs$71.99
SEO for E-commerce website$149.33
SEO reputation management$97.36
SEO copywriting services$97.16
International SEO services$97.13
International SEO agency$95.03
SEO for plumbers$88.26
SEO marketing experts$76.92
Best WordPress Hosting 2021$75.93
B2B SEO services$72.15
Best cloud hosting for WordPress$123.20
WordPress hosting services$110.93
Dreamhost web hosting$107.26
Best-managed WordPress hosting$97.24
WordPress cloud hosting$93.88
Kidney Foundation car donation$90.83
Premium WordPress hosting$88.94
Fastest WordPress hosting$88.30
Dedicated WordPress hosting$86.48
WordPress VPS hosting$82.79
Cloud-based hosting providers$82.09
Best WP hosting$79.37
WordPress domain and hosting$73

Top AdSense High CPC Countries List

CountrySearch VolumeCPC (USD)
United StatesHighHigh
United KingdomHighHigh
New ZealandHighHigh

How to Optimize Content using High CPC Keywords?

Here are some tips for optimizing your content using high CPC keywords:

Create High-Quality, Comprehensive Content

Make sure your content is valuable and in-depth, and use headings, bullet points, and lists to make it easy to read. Include relevant statistics, case studies, and examples to back up your claims and establish authority.

Use Keyword-Rich Titles and Meta Tags

Incorporate your high CPC keywords in the title tag, meta description, and URL of your content to signal relevance to search engines and improve your chances of ranking higher.

Optimize on-page SEO

Use your high CPC keywords strategically in headings (H1, H2, etc.), image alt tags, and internal linking to indicate relevance to search engines.

Include Engaging Visuals

Enhance your content with visuals such as images, infographics, and diagrams. Consider including a relevant and informative diagram using the Mermaid syntax to illustrate the relationship between high CPC keywords and AdSense revenue optimization.

Promote your Content

Share your content on relevant forums, social media platforms, and industry discussion groups to increase visibility and attract more traffic. Building quality backlinks from reputable websites can also boost your content’s authority and search engine rankings.


Targeting high CPC keywords can have a significant impact on your AdSense earnings by attracting better-performing ads to your site. By conducting thorough keyword research, creating quality content, optimizing on-page SEO elements, and promoting your content, you can effectively improve the rankings of other websites and improve your chances of ranking higher on Google for your targeted keywords.

Remember to make your content comprehensive, engaging, and valuable to your audience and strategically include high CPC keywords to optimize your search engines. By following these best practices, you can maximize your AdSense earnings and optimize your website to succeed in the online advertising competition.


What are high CPC keywords?

High CPC (Cost Per Click) keywords are specific keywords or phrases that advertisers bid on in order to display their ads in search engine results or other online platforms.

What are high CPC keywords in India?

High CPC keywords in India refer to keywords that have a higher cost-per-click (CPC) value in Google Ads for advertisers targeting the Indian market. These keywords are associated with industries or niches that have higher competition, demand, and potential revenue, resulting in higher bids and costs for advertisers.

What are high CPC keywords in the USA?

High CPC keywords in the USA are keywords that have a higher cost-per-click (CPC) value in Google Ads for advertisers targeting the United States market. These keywords typically belong to industries or niches with higher competition, demand, and revenue potential in the US, resulting in higher bids and costs for advertisers.

What are some high CPC keywords in the USA?

Some examples of high CPC keywords in the USA include “auto insurance,” “personal injury lawyer,” “real estate agent,” “online MBA programs,” and “credit card debt consolidation.” These keywords are associated with industries or niches that tend to have higher competition and demand, resulting in higher CPC values for advertisers.

List of high CPC keywords

Some common high CPC keywords may include “insurance,” “lawyer,” “mortgage,” “loans,” “online education,” “healthcare,” “finance,” and “real estate.” However, the CPC value of keywords can vary over time.

What are some high CPC keywords for India?

Some examples of high CPC keywords for India may include “personal loans,” “health insurance,” “credit cards,” “online education courses,” and “investment plans.”

How can I identify high CPC keywords?

There are several ways to identify high CPC keywords. You can use keyword research tools, such as Google Ads Keyword Planner, to find keywords with high average CPCs.

Can using high CPC keywords guarantee higher AdSense revenue?

While using high CPC keywords can potentially increase your AdSense revenue, it is not a guarantee.

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