How Can I Instagram Audio Download from Reel Videos?

By Bikash

It’s easy to download the full Instagram Reels, but what if you only want the audio? Do You Know Instagram Audio Download Process? Sometimes you want to use that catchy song offline on your computer or phone or as your ringtone. You may even want to include it in your Reel. For whatever reason, you may download these interesting videos’ audio only!

I will guide you through the simple process of Instagram Audio Download and save the Instagram Reel audio on your PC, Android, or iPhone. You may just enjoy the beats and noises that draw your attention thanks to this simple technique.

Instagram Audio Download: Explore Multiple Options

Instagram Audio Download Method 1: Save Reel Audio in Instagram App

1. Play and Access:

Open Instagram and play the desired reel. Click on the audio title at the bottom left to access the audio screen.

2. Save Reel Audio

Within the audio screen, click on “Save audio” to store it in your Instagram account.

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3. View and Use the Saved Reel Audio

Navigate to your profile, click on the hamburger menu, go to “Saved,” and then click on “Audio” to find and preview your saved reel audio.

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4. Use Saved Audio for Creating Reels

While creating a reel, open the Instagram camera, switch to Reels, record your video, click on the Music icon, tap “Saved,” and choose the desired music.

Instagram Audio Download Method 2: Download Instagram Reel Audio Using Third-Party Websites

1. Copy the Link from the Reel

Open the reel, click the three-dot menu, and choose “Copy Link.”

2. Download Using Third-Party Website

Visit, paste the copied link, and tap “Convert.” Once done, download the extracted audio.

Instagram Audio Download Method 3: Download the Full Instagram Reel Song, Using Link,

1. Copy Reel Audio Link

Play the reel, tap the audio name, and click “Copy Link.”

2. Download the Whole Song

Visit, paste the link, and download the entire song used in the reel.

Instagram Audio Download Method 4: Convert Instagram Reels to MP3 Using Online Converter

1. Convert Reel Video to MP3

Visit, select the reel video, click “Convert,” and download the converted MP3 audio.

Instagram Audio Download Method 5: Extract Audio from Reel Using Video to MP3 Converter

On Android

Download MP3 Video Converter, select the reel video, choose MP3 format, and convert to extract audio.

On iPhone or iPad

Download Media Converter, add the reel video, and extract audio with a few taps.

Instagram Audio Download Method 6: Change Reel Video Extension to MP3 (Android, PC)

  1. Open a file manager, locate the downloaded reel video, tap “Rename,” remove “.mp4,” add “.mp3,” and confirm.

Instagram Audio Download Method 7: Extract Reel Audio to Video in Video Editor

1. Import Reel Video in InShot

Download the reel video, install InShot, and add the video to the editor.

2. Extract Reel Audio in InShot

Tap the Music button, select “Extract Audio from Video,” and choose the downloaded reel video.

Final Word

Instagram audio downloads and saves are now very simple to conduct and provide users with a variety of ways to customize their experience. With the ease of using third-party websites or Instagram’s native mechanism, users may now effortlessly integrate their favorite audio clips into their creative projects. Instagram’s audio features are made even more versatile with this easy-to-use tutorial that makes sure you can follow the steps without any technical knowledge.


Can I download Instagram Reel audio on my PC?

Yes, you can use third-party websites to download Instagram Reel audio on your PC.

Are third-party websites safe for downloading Instagram Reel audio?

Choose reputable websites to ensure safety while downloading Instagram Reel audio.

What is the easiest method to extract audio from Instagram Reels?

The native Instagram method of saving audio is the simplest, but third-party websites also offer ease of use.

Can I use Instagram Reel audio for my own videos?

Absolutely! Use the “Use Audio” feature on Instagram or incorporate the extracted audio in your videos using editing apps.

How do I mute the original video audio while using the extracted audio in InShot?

Navigate to the editor window, click on the video, and tap the audio icon to mute the original video audio.

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