Apple Release iOS 17.2: Check Out These New Features on Your iPhone

By Bikash

Big news for iPhone users, Apple has just rolled out the latest update for your iPhone iOS 17.2 Version. This update isn’t just your regular one; it’s packed with a bunch of fresh and exciting features that are set to enhance your iPhone experience by leaps and bounds. If you’re curious about what’s in store for your phone, let’s dive into some of the incredibly cool and useful features that come with this shiny new update.

iOS 17.2, released on December 11, 2023, brought a lot of awesome stuff to iPhones. One of the standout features was the introduction of the much-awaited Journal app. This app is like having a personal diary on your phone, but smarter! It uses clever technology, called on-device machine learning, to give you ideas for what to write.

It remembers things from your day, like the photos you took or the music you listened to, and suggests topics based on that. Also, if you forget which podcast made you laugh earlier, the Journal app is there to remind you. You can even create your entries by writing, recording your voice, snapping a photo, or making a video. Plus, you can lock the app with Face ID or a passcode for added privacy, ensuring your thoughts are kept safe.

Aside from the Journal app, iOS 17.2 beefed up security with the Contact Key Verification feature. It’s like having a secret code for your messages, handy for people facing higher digital risks like journalists or activists. This extra layer of security means you can verify that you’re chatting only with the people you intend to, keeping your conversations safer.

Apple aimed to protect those who might be targeted by cyberattacks, offering them more peace of mind. With simple steps in settings, this feature ensures that your messages remain private and secure, especially in situations where they matter the most.

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iOS 17.2 New Features

  1. Journal App: Finally launched after being announced at WWDC, it uses on-device machine learning to suggest writing topics based on your activities like photos taken, podcasts listened to, etc.
  2. Contact Key Verification: A security feature aimed at high-risk users like journalists or activists, ensuring they’re communicating only with intended recipients.
  3. Live Stickers Reaction: You can now react to texts in Messages with personalized Live Stickers created from your photos.
  4. Apple Music Settings: Auto-add favorited songs to your library, customizable through settings.
  5. Memoji Customization: Expanded options to edit your Memoji’s body in terms of waist, bust, shoulders, and arms.
  6. Default Notification Sounds and Haptics: Customize notification sounds and alert haptic patterns.
  7. Photos and Apple Music Integration: Photos app requests access to your Apple Music library to curate songs for Memories.
  8. AppleCare and Warranty Menu: A new section in Settings to check device coverage under AppleCare or warranty.
  9. Catch-Up Arrow in Messages: Helps navigate through extensive message threads by jumping to the beginning of new messages.
  10. Expanded Contact Poster Sharing Options: Share your Contact Poster through Phone and FaceTime, enabling customization of sharing settings.
  11. iPhone 15 Pro Action Button Update: The action button now incorporates translation functionality.
  12. Content Sharing with Apple Vision Pro: iOS 17.2 introduces settings to allow the iPhone to function as an additional screen for the upcoming Vision Pro headset.
  13. Spatial Video Recording for iPhone 15 Pro: Records videos compatible with 3D viewing on the Vision Pro headset.
  14. Disable Inline Predictions: Ability to turn off inline text predictions.
  15. Sensitive Content Warnings Expansion: Now includes live stickers and contact posters that may contain nudity.
  16. Additional Siri Requests: Siri can now provide altitude information and estimated arrival time.
  17. Updated Weather Widget and App: Expanded widgets offering more details like UV index, wind levels, air quality index, etc.
  18. New Digital Clock Widget: Option for a digital clock widget for easier time reading.
  19. News App Live Activities Support: Enables live event following within the News app.
  20. Apple TV App Update: UI changes in the Movies and TV Shows sections of the Apple TV app.
  21. Local Awareness in Emergency Alerts: Uses approximate location to improve the accuracy of emergency alerts.
  22. More Contact Poster Customization: Adds rainbow-colored text customization for Contact Posters.

How To Upgrade on iOS 17.2?

Over-the-air Update:

  1. Plug your iPhone into a power source and connect it to a Wi-Fi network.
  2. Open the Settings app.
  3. Tap on “General.”
  4. Select “Software Update.”
  5. Tap on “Download and Install.”
  6. Your iPhone will begin downloading the update. Once it’s downloaded, tap “Install.”
  7. The update will start installing. After installation, your iPhone will restart to complete the process.

Via iTunes or Finder:

  1. Connect your iPhone to your computer using a cable.
  2. Open iTunes (on a Mac running macOS Mojave or earlier) or Finder (on a Mac running macOS Catalina or later).
  3. Select your iPhone from the list in iTunes or Finder.
  4. Click on “Check for Update.”
  5. Click “Download and Install.”
  6. iTunes or Finder will download the update and install it on your iPhone.
  7. Once the installation is complete, your iPhone will restart.


So, there you have it! Apple iOS 17.2 is full of awesome new stuff to explore on your iPhone. From a brand-new journal app to better security features and fun ways to customize your phone, this update has something for everyone. Don’t forget to check it out and make the most of these fantastic additions to your iPhone experience!

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What’s iOS 17.2?

iOS 17.2 is the latest update for iPhones, bringing in exciting new features and improvements.

What’s the Journal app about?

The Journal app is like a smart diary on your phone. It suggests things to write based on your day, like photos taken or music listened to.

How does Contact Key Verification help?

It’s an extra security layer for messages, great for people at higher digital risks, ensuring they’re only messaging who they intend to.

Any fun additions on iOS 17.2?

Yes! Live Stickers for reacting to messages, more Memoji options, and the ability to change default notification sounds.

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