JioMotive 4G GPS OBD Car Tracker Real-Time Location and Car Health

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JioMotive 4G GPS OBD Car Tracker: Transforming Your Ride

The JioMotive 4G GPS OBD Car Tracker is revolutionizing the way we interact with our cars. This innovative device turns your ordinary car into a smart vehicle, offering a myriad of features that focus on security, convenience, and car health monitoring. Let’s delve into the details of this impressive gadget that’s making waves in the automotive world.

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Real-time Location Tracking

Ever wondered where your car is parked or if it’s being used without your knowledge? JioMotive 4G GPS OBD Car Tracker provides a solution with its real-time location tracking feature. Now, you can keep tabs on your car’s whereabouts anytime, anywhere. This feature ensures you never lose track of your prized possession again.


Take control of your car’s boundaries with JioMotive’s geo-fencing feature. Define virtual perimeters around your car, and receive instant alerts if your vehicle crosses these boundaries. This not only enhances security but also keeps you informed about any unauthorized movement.

Ignition Alerts

For an extra layer of security, JioMotive sends you notifications whenever your car’s engine is turned on or off. This real-time monitoring capability is invaluable, allowing you to keep a close eye on your car and detect any unauthorized usage promptly.

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Overspeeding Alerts

Safety is paramount, and JioMotive ensures you stay informed about your driving habits. Receive alerts when your car exceeds predefined speed limits, promoting safe driving practices and helping you avoid potential risks.

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Tow Alerts

Theft or unauthorized towing can be a nightmare for car owners. JioMotive 4G GPS OBD Car Tracker acts as your vigilant guardian, sending immediate notifications if your car is being towed. This feature enables you to take swift action in case of suspicious activities.

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Car Health Monitoring Overview

JioMotive goes beyond mere tracking; it provides comprehensive insights into your car’s health. Let’s explore the aspects it monitors to ensure your vehicle runs smoothly and efficiently.

Battery Health: Sudden breakdowns can be a thing of the past with JioMotive 4G GPS OBD Car Tracker. By monitoring your car’s battery health, it helps you stay ahead of potential issues, ensuring your car is always ready to hit the road.

Coolant Temperature: Overheating is a common concern for engines. JioMotive 4G GPS OBD Car Tracker keeps an eye on your engine’s cooling system, preventing overheating and potential damage. This proactive approach to maintenance adds an extra layer of reliability to your vehicle.

Engine Load: Understanding your engine’s performance is crucial for preventive maintenance. JioMotive provides insights into your engine’s load, allowing you to identify and address potential issues before they escalate.

Additional Advantages

JioMotive 4G GPS OBD Car Tracker stands out not just for its features but also for the ease with which it integrates into your car.

Easy Installation: Say goodbye to complex installations. JioMotive is designed for simplicity – just plug it into the OBD port under your car’s steering wheel, and you’re good to go. No technical expertise is required.

Built-in eSIM: Managing separate SIM cards and dealing with additional subscription charges are a thing of the past. JioMotive 4G GPS OBD Car Tracker comes with a built-in eSIM linked to your JioPlan, ensuring seamless connectivity without any hassle.

Value for Money: Considering the comprehensive set of features it offers, the JioMotive comes at an affordable price of Rs 5,000. It’s a cost-effective solution for transforming your car into a smart and secure ride.

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Who Should Consider JioMotive?

JioMotive 4G GPS OBD Car Tracker is not just for tech enthusiasts; it’s for anyone looking to enhance their car experience.

  • Enhance Car Security: If you want to prevent theft and keep your car secure.
  • Monitor Car Health: For those who want valuable insights into their car’s health and performance.
  • Stay Informed: Knowing your car’s location and usage is important to you.
  • Enjoy Convenience: JioMotive even offers in-car Wi-Fi on select models, adding an extra layer of convenience to your journey.


The JioMotive 4G GPS Plug n Play OBD Car Tracker is a game-changer for car owners seeking increased security, convenience, and valuable insights into their vehicle’s health. With its easy installation, comprehensive features, and competitive price, JioMotive makes a compelling case for transforming your car into a smarter and safer ride.


Is JioMotive compatible with all car models?

It’s crucial to check compatibility before purchasing. JioMotive may have specific requirements for certain car models.

Do data charges apply for all features?

While many features are included, data charges may apply for specific functions, such as real-time location tracking.

Can I use JioMotive with a network other than Jio?

Currently, JioMotive is locked to the Jio network. Ensure your network compatibility before making a purchase.

What is the warranty period for JioMotive?

Check the warranty details provided by the manufacturer. Warranty periods may vary.

Is professional installation required for JioMotive?

No, JioMotive is designed for easy installation. However, it’s essential to follow the provided instructions for optimal performance.

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