Railway PNR Status Check: Check Ticket Booking Current Status Fast 2024

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How to Check Railway PNR Status Online: Quick and Convenient

Railway PNR Status Check is a simple yet crucial process that helps passengers keep track of their ticket bookings. Understanding how to check the PNR status ensures that travelers can stay updated with any changes or updates regarding their journey. In this post, we will explore the various methods to check the railway PNR status, including online portals and helpline numbers, making the process easy and convenient for all passengers.

Railway PNR Number

Railway PNR, short for Passenger Name Record, is a unique 10-digit numerical code assigned to each ticket booking. This code can be found on the top left-hand side of the ticket. It serves as an identification number for a specific booking and is vital for any follow-up actions or inquiries related to the ticket.

Keeping track of the PNR status IRCTC becomes especially important when booking tickets with waitlisted or reservation against cancellation (RAC) status, as it helps passengers monitor the possibility of ticket confirmation.

Methods for Checking Railway PNR Status

There are two primary methods to check the railway PNR status online and through helpline numbers.

Online Railway PNR Status Check

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The Indian Railway Catering and Tourism Corporation (IRCTC) provides an online portal that allows passengers to check their PNR status. Here are the steps to follow:

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  1. Open a web browser and visit the official IRCTC website (www.irctc.co.in).
  2. Look for the “PNR Status” option on the homepage or in the main menu. Click on it to proceed.
  3. A new page will open, displaying a text box prompting you to enter the 10-digit PNR code.
  4. Enter your unique PNR code in the designated text box.
  5. After entering the PNR code, click on the “Submit” or “Check Status” button.
  6. The portal will process the information and display the current status of your booking, such as confirmed, waitlisted, or RAC, along with other relevant details.

Railway PNR Status Check via Helpline Numbers

For those who prefer a more convenient method or do not have access to the internet, the Rail Sampark helpline number (#139) can be dialed for PNR status information. The steps are as follows:

  1. Pick up your mobile phone and dial the helpline number for PNR status check – #139.
  2. Follow the voice prompts and select the appropriate option for the PNR status inquiry.
  3. Provide your 10-digit PNR code when prompted.
  4. Listen carefully to the instructions and wait for the automated service to fetch the information.
  5. The recorded voice will inform you about the current status of your booking.

Ensure that you have a pen and paper ready to note down the information provided by the automated service.

Top Railway Ticket PNR Current Status Enquiry Platforms

Platform NameOfficial Link
Indian RailwaysIndian Railways PNR Enquiry
GoibiboGoibibo PNR Status
ConfirmTktConfirmTkt PNR Status
MakeMyTripMakeMyTrip PNR Status
ixigoixigo PNR Status
PaytmPaytm PNR Status

Railway PNR Status Codes with Description

PNR StatusDescription
CAN / MODRepresents a Cancelled or Modified Passenger. This status indicates that the passenger’s ticket has been cancelled or modified.
CNF / ConfirmedIndicates a Confirmed reservation. The coach and berth numbers will be available after the chart preparation is done.
CKRefers to Tatkal Quota. This status signifies that the ticket has been booked under the Tatkal quota.
CKWL (Tatkal Waiting List)This status denotes a Tatkal Waiting List. When the general waiting list moves up, it generally goes into the RAC (Reservation Against Cancellation) category. However, with CKWL, there is a higher chance of getting a confirmed berth when the waiting list moves up.
RAC (Reservation Against Cancellation)RAC status means that while a passenger doesn’t have a confirmed berth, they are still eligible for a seat on the train. They will be provided with a shared seat with another RAC passenger during the journey.
WL # (Waiting List Number)Represents a Cancelled or Modified Passenger. This status indicates that the passenger’s ticket has been canceled or modified.
RLWL (Remote Location Wait List)RLWL represents the Remote Location Wait List. It is specifically for passengers who board from an intermediate station rather than the train’s source or destination. The confirmation chances for RLWL are generally lower.
GNWL (General Wait List)GNWL stands for General Wait List. This waitlist is for passengers travelling between the train’s source and destination stations.
TQWL (Tatkal Waitlist)This waitlist is specific to Tatkal quota bookings.
PQWL (Pooled Quota Wait List)PQWL refers to the Pooled Quota Wait List. It is assigned to passengers who book tickets against pooled quotas that are shared by several stations. The confirmation chances for PQWL are generally lower.
RLWL (Remote Location Waitlist)RLWL is for passengers boarding from intermediate stations, and the confirmation chances are generally lower.
REGRET/WLThis status implies that No More Booking Permitted as the seats are no longer available for booking.
NOSB (No Seat Berth)This status indicates that no seat or berth is allocated for the passenger. It means that if you have a child below 12 years of age and their ticket status shows NOSB, you will have to pay the full fare for them.
RELEASEDThis status indicates that the ticket hasn’t been cancelled, but alternative accommodation has been provided.
R# #When a passenger has an RAC (Reservation Against Cancellation) status, this code denotes the specific Coach Number and Berth Number assigned for their journey.

Advantages of Online Railway PNR Status Check

The online railway PNR status check offers several advantages over other methods:

  1. Convenience: Checking PNR status online can be done from anywhere, at any time, as long as you have internet access and a device such as a computer, smartphone, or tablet.
  2. Instant Updates: The online portal provides real-time updates on the status of your ticket, offering peace of mind and saving valuable time.
  3. Detailed Information: Besides the status of the booking, the online portal often provides additional details such as coach and berth numbers, seat availability, and boarding/departure information.
  4. Multiple Booking Status Check: The online platform allows passengers to check the status of multiple bookings at once, eliminating the need for individual inquiries for each ticket.


The railway PNR status check is a vital step in ensuring that passengers stay updated regarding the status of their ticket bookings. Through the online portal of IRCTC or the Rail Sampark helpline number (#139), passengers can conveniently access information about their ticket status.

By following these simple steps, travelers can make their journey planning more efficient and stay informed about changes in their ticket status. Make sure to keep your PNR code handy and check your PNR status regularly, especially for waitlisted or RAC tickets, to ensure a smooth and hassle-free travel experience.

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