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Tata Sky Customer Care Number 24×7 Support

When it comes to resolving any issues or seeking assistance with your Tata Sky DTH now as TATA PLAY service, you can rely on Tata Sky’s customer care. Tata Sky offers multiple channels for customers to get in touch and receive prompt support. Whether you prefer traditional methods like telephone and email or the convenience of instant messaging, Tata Sky has got you covered. Let’s explore the different avenues through which you can reach out to Tata Sky Customer Care Number.

Tata Sky Customer Care Number

Contact InformationDetails
Telephone022 6613 3000
Email[email protected]
Toll-free Number18002086633
WhatsApp Instant SupportTata Sky Customer Support
Tata Play Helphttps://www.tataplay.com/dth/help

Telephone Support

For those who prefer speaking directly with a customer care representative, you can dial the Tata Sky telephone helpline at 022 6613 3000. This helpline allows you to connect with a knowledgeable agent who can assist you with various inquiries, such as package details, account-related issues, technical troubleshooting, and more.

Email Support

If you have a non-urgent query or prefer written communication, you can reach out to Tata Sky customer care via email. Simply send an email to [email protected], explaining your concern or query in detail. The dedicated customer care team will review your email and provide a timely response to address your concerns or provide the necessary information.

Toll-Free Number

Tata Sky also offers a toll-free number, 18002086633, to ensure that contacting customer care is free of charge. By dialing this number, you can connect with a customer care representative without incurring any call charges. Feel free to discuss your concerns, seek information, or request assistance regarding your Tata Sky DTH service.

WhatsApp Support

Tata Sky understands the convenience and popularity of instant messaging platforms. Hence, they provide WhatsApp support for quick and easy assistance. By visiting the link Tata Sky WhatsApp Support, you can initiate a conversation with a Tata Sky customer care representative directly through WhatsApp. This feature allows you to receive instant support, making problem-solving a breeze.

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Tata Sky Customer Care: Your Reliable Support System

Whether you need help with subscription plans, troubleshooting technical issues, or have general queries about Tata Sky services, their customer care team is committed to providing efficient and reliable support. Choose the mode of communication that suits you best, be it telephone, email, toll-free number, or WhatsApp, and experience hassle-free assistance from Tata Sky’s dedicated customer care representatives.

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Remember, the Tata Sky customer care team is always ready to address your concerns, ensuring that you have a seamless and enjoyable entertainment experience with the Tata Sky DTH service. So, don’t hesitate to reach out whenever you need assistance – they are just a call, email, or message away!


How can I contact Tata Sky Customer Care Number?

You can reach Tata Sky customer care through various channels, including telephone, email, toll-free numbers, and WhatsApp.

What is the telephone number for Tata Sky Customer Care Number?

The telephone number to contact Tata Sky customer care is 022 6613 3000.

What is the email address for Tata Sky Customer Care Number?

You can email your queries or concerns to [email protected] for assistance from Tata Sky customer care.

Is there a toll-free number for Tata Sky customer care?

Can I get instant support from Tata Sky through WhatsApp?

Yes, Tata Sky offers WhatsApp support for quick and convenient assistance. Visit the provided link for instant messaging support.

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