Telegram X or Telegram: Which One is Better Full Review 2024

By Bikash

Telegram X or Telegram: Which One You Must Choose?

In the ever-evolving landscape of messaging apps, Telegram stands out as a popular choice for those seeking secure and feature-rich communication. With the emergence of different clients under the Telegram umbrella, users are presented with intriguing options. This article delves into the comparison between Telegram X or Telegram, shedding light on their unique attributes, user experiences, and which one might align better with your preferences.

Telegram X: A Modern Approach to Messaging

Telegram X is a fork of the official Telegram app that is developed by Telegram LLC. It was first released in 2017 and is still under development. Telegram X has a number of features that are not available in the main Telegram app

Telegram X’s Exclusive Features

  1. Bubble Mode: Enjoy spacious chat bubbles for effortless message interaction.
  2. Night Mode: Ease your eyes with a soothing dark theme in low-light settings.
  3. Tabbed Saved Messages: Organize and access saved content with convenient tabs.
  4. Customization Galore: Personalize with font, icons, and background color changes.
  5. PiP Tech: Watch videos while using other apps for seamless multitasking.

Why User choose Telegram X?

Distinct User Interface

Telegram X brings a fresh perspective with its modern and sleek interface. The visual appeal of Telegram X lies in its minimalist design, offering a contemporary look and feel that resonates with users who appreciate aesthetics and style.

Emphasis on Performance

One of the prominent draws of Telegram X is its emphasis on performance. This client is engineered to provide a smoother and more responsive experience, catering to users who prioritize seamless interactions and swift navigation.

Exclusive Features

Telegram X stands out by offering exclusive features that cater to a variety of user preferences. The innovative “bubble mode” presents messages in a unique way, making conversations more engaging. The inclusion of a night mode adds a dash of convenience for night owls, reducing strain on the eyes. Additionally, the tabbed saved messages interface enhances organization and accessibility.

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Development and Stability

It’s worth noting that Telegram X is still in its developmental phase. While its cutting-edge features and design make it an exciting prospect, the ongoing development means that it might encounter occasional bugs or glitches. However, this also implies that Telegram X is continuously evolving, with new improvements and features regularly being introduced.

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Telegram X Pros and Cons

User interfaceModern and minimalistNot as many customization options as the main Telegram app
PerformanceSmooth and responsiveNot as stable as the main Telegram app
FeaturesExclusive features, such as bubble mode and night modeNot as many features as the main Telegram app
Development statusStill under developmentMay be more prone to bugs
PopularityLess popularMay be harder to find people to chat with

Telegram: The Reliable Classic

Telegram is a Fast, Secure Messaging App. Founded in 2013 by Russian brothers Nikolai and Pavel Durov, creators of VKontakte, Telegram offers speedy and secure cloud-based messaging and voice calls. It’s accessible on Android, iOS, Windows, macOS, and Linux.

Telegram Exclusive Features

  1. End-to-End Encryption: Your messages are exclusively readable by you and the recipient, ensuring security for sensitive info.
  2. Lightning-Fast: Telegram’s distributed server network ensures swift messaging, even for large files.
  3. Feature-Rich: Enjoy groups, channels, bots, file sharing, and voice/video calls for versatile personal and professional use.
  4. No Cost: Use Telegram for free, devoid of ads or subscription charges.
  5. Transparency: Telegram’s open-source code promotes security and privacy through public inspection.

Why User choose Telegram?

Familiar User Interface

In contrast to Telegram X’s modern approach, the main Telegram app boasts a traditional user interface that many users are familiar with. This familiarity can be comforting for those who prefer the conventional messaging app layout.

Stability and Reliability

The main Telegram app is renowned for its stability and reliability. Users can trust that their messages and interactions will be consistently smooth and glitch-free, contributing to an uninterrupted communication experience.

Comprehensive Feature Set

While both clients offer a plethora of features, the main Telegram app boasts a broader range. From video calls to voice chats and an array of bots, users who desire a versatile messaging experience will find their needs well met within this client.


With a user base exceeding 500 million, the main Telegram app is undeniably more popular than its counterpart, Telegram X. This popularity often translates to a larger community and a wider network of contacts to connect with.

Telegram Pros and Cons

SecurityEnd-to-end encryption for all messagesNot as widely supported as WhatsApp
SpeedVery fast, even when sending large filesCan be overwhelming for new users
VersatilityWide range of features, including groups, channels, bots, file sharing, and voice and video callsNot as popular as WhatsApp
CostFree to use, with no ads or subscription feesNot as widely supported as WhatsApp
Open sourceThe Telegram code is open sourceCan be overwhelming for new users

Which One Is Your Ideal Fit?

In the ultimate decision between Telegram X or Telegram app, individual needs and preferences come to the forefront. If you’re enticed by a contemporary design, enhanced performance, and distinctive features, Telegram X might be your preferred choice. On the other hand, if stability, reliability, and a comprehensive feature set are your top priorities, the main Telegram app is likely the better option for you.

Here is a table that summarizes the key differences between Telegram X or Telegram:

FeatureTelegram XTelegram
User interfaceModern, with a more minimalist look and feelTraditional, with a more familiar look and feel
PerformanceSmoother and more responsiveStable and reliable
Exclusive featuresBubble mode, night mode, tabbed saved messages interfaceVideo calls, voice chats, bots
Development statusStill under developmentMore mature and stable
PopularityLess popularMore popular

Telegram X or Telegram: Which One is Better

Conclusion: The Choice is Yours

In the spirited duel between Telegram X or Telegram, there is no definitive victor. The scales tip is based on your personal inclinations. Whether you’re enticed by Telegram X’s modern allure or find solace in the dependability of the main Telegram app, both clients serve as stellar conduits for seamless communication. It’s a duel where the outcome is determined by the unique needs and preferences that you, as the user, bring to the table. Choose wisely and embark on your messaging journey with the Telegram client that resonates with you.


How does Telegram X differ from Telegram?

Telegram X offers a sleeker design, enhanced performance, and exclusive features like bubble mode and night mode.

Is Telegram X more stable than Telegram?

Telegram is considered more stable and mature due to its longer development history.

Which app has more users?

Telegram has a larger user base with over 500 million users.

Can I customize my experience on both apps?

Yes, but Telegram X offers more customization options, such as changing fonts, icons, and background colors.

Are both apps free to use?

Yes, both Telegram X and Telegram are completely free, without ads or subscription fees.

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