How to Watch YouTube Videos without Ads?

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Can you watch YouTube Videos without Ads? When you try to watch YouTube, a ads will break viewing experience. Now increasing number of advertisers that go to YouTube to buy video ads to promote their products and services. As a free user you must have to watch this ads. Previously when we use YouTube than there have none any Subscription Plans. But there YouTube make there revenue have introduce Premium Subscription Plans for customer. YouTube Premium Subscriber can watch videos ads free, but free user have to watch this ads. In our country we always proffered free things. There have some ideas for Watch YouTube Videos without Ads as a Free User.

Get YouTube Premium

YouTube user have the primary option to subscribe YouTube Premium to enjoy an ad-free Videos. You have to pay the Subscription amount every month for unlimited ad-free Videos.

Use Ad Block Chrome Extension

If you are not able to get YouTube Premium then you should try this in your Chrome web Browser. You will find number of Extension for remove ads. You can use Adblock for Youtube™ for best result, it is tested for YouTube Videos without Ads

Add Adblock for Youtube™ from Chrome web store


  • No need YouTube Premium
  • Blocks ads, banner and popups
  • Loads videos and YouTube website faster.
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There are numbers of Third party Mobile application which allow you Ads free Video. But I am Strictly not recommended these apps. These app can stole your personal information like email is password and much more. so always use Official YouTube app from PlayStore.

URL Tricks

For watch YouTube Videos without Ads you Open a YouTube Video in a new tab insert a “-” between “yout” and “ube” like yout-ube”. There is a screenshot for reference.


  • No need YouTube Premium
  • No need Any Extension
  • No need Third Party App
  • Simple and easy Trick

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