PVC Aadhaar Card Status: How to Check and What to Expect

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PVC Aadhaar Card Status: A Step-by-Step Guide

In today’s digital age, Aadhaar cards have become an essential identification document for Indian citizens. With technological advancements, the traditional paper-based Aadhaar card has evolved into a more durable and convenient form known as the PVC Aadhaar card. This article aims to guide you through the process of checking your PVC Aadhaar card status, providing insights into the application process, delivery time, and more.

What is a PVC Aadhaar Card?

The PVC Aadhaar card is a sturdier and more convenient version of the traditional paper Aadhaar card. It offers increased durability and is resistant to wear and tear, making it a preferred choice for many. However, understanding the status of your PVC Aadhaar card application and the overall process can be crucial. Let’s delve into the details.

Applying for a PVC Aadhaar Card: A Simple Process

Applying for a PVC Aadhaar card is a very easy process with just a few simple steps:

Aadhaar PVC Card Apply: Without Login

To apply for a PVC Aadhaar card, visit the official UIDAI website and follow these steps:

  • Go to https://uidai.gov.in/.
  • Navigate to the “My Aadhaar” section.
  • Click on “Check Aadhaar PVC Card Status.”
  • Enter your 12-digit Aadhaar number and Un-Register Any Mobile Number and click on Get OTP
  • Submit the OTP code and process for making the payment
  • You have to pay Rs. 50 to get a PVC Card
  • Now you can pay using Net Banking, UPI or Credit or Debit Card
  • After Successful payment, you will receive an SRN Number
  • Keep Printing out the Acknowledgment copy with SRN Number for tracking PVC Aadhaar Card Status.

PVC Aadhar Card Order Online Apply: With Login

Follow these steps to order your PVC Aadhar Card Order Online:

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  • Log on to the official UIDAI website using your Aadhaar Number and Aadhaar OTP.
  • Choose the option for ordering a PVC Aadhaar card.
  • Aadhaar Card Details will appear to you.
  • Confirm the details and process to make payment.
  • You have to pay Rs. 50 to get a PVC Card
  • Now you can pay using Net Banking, UPI or Credit or Debit Card
  • After Successful payment, you will receive an SRN Number
  • Keep Printing out the Acknowledgment copy with SRN Number for tracking PVC Aadhaar Card Status.

How to Apply PVC Aadhaar Card using mAadhaar Application?

  1. Download the mAadhaar app from Google Play Store or Apple App Store.
  2. Open the app and sign in with your Aadhaar number and OTP.
  3. Tap the “My Aadhaar” tab.
  4. Under “Services,” tap “Order Aadhaar PVC Card.”
  5. Enter your Aadhaar number or enrollment ID.
  6. Enter the security code.
  7. If no registered mobile, check the box.
  8. Tap “Proceed.”
  9. Review Aadhaar details for accuracy.
  10. Tap “Pay Now.”
  11. Pay Rs. 50 fee via debit card, credit card, or net banking.
  12. Your PVC Aadhaar card request is submitted.
  13. Receive SMS with tracking number.
  14. PVC Aadhaar card arrives in 15 working days from dispatch.

PVC Aadhar Card Status SRN Number: Tracking Made Easy

To keep track of your PVC Aadhaar card application, make note of your SRN (Service Request Number). This number helps you monitor the progress of your card. Here’s how:

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PVC Aadhar Card Status SRN Number
  • PVC Aadhar Card Status SRN Number
  • After applying, you’ll receive an SRN.
  • Visit the UIDAI website.
  • Enter your SRN and other required details.
  • Get real-time updates on your card’s status.

PVC Aadhar Card Status Check Online: Stay Informed

Checking the status of your PVC Aadhaar card is simple and can be done online. Here’s how to Check PVC Aadhar Card Status Online Step by Step:

  • Visit the UIDAI website.
  • Go to the “My Aadhaar” section.
  • Select “Check Aadhaar PVC Card Status.”
  • Enter your details and view the status update.

PVC Aadhar Card Time: From Application to Delivery

The PVC Aadhar Card Process of obtaining a PVC Aadhaar card involves various stages:

Request Received

Once you’ve applied for your PVC Aadhaar card, the first status you might encounter is “Request Received.” This status indicates that UIDAI has successfully received your application and it’s in the initial processing stage.

In Process

The status “In Process” signifies that your PVC Aadhaar card is currently being processed by the UIDAI. During this stage, your details are verified, and the card is prepared for dispatch.


“Dispatched” is a significant status as it indicates that your PVC Aadhaar card has been prepared and is on its way to being delivered to you. You will also receive an SMS with a tracking number for your Aadhaar card.


The status “Delivered” means that your PVC Aadhaar card has successfully reached your doorstep. You can now enjoy the benefits of your durable and long-lasting identification card.

PVC Aadhar Card Comes in How Many Days

Your PVC Aadhaar card should reach you within 15 working days after it’s dispatched. Keep an eye out for it! Keep in mind that factors such as your location can influence the delivery duration.

Delivery Time for PVC Aadhaar Card

The delivery time for the PVC Aadhaar card is usually around 15 to 20 working days from the date of dispatch. However, keep in mind that the delivery time might vary based on your location and the delivery partner’s efficiency. Be patient as the card makes its way to you.

Benefits of PVC Aadhaar Card

The PVC Aadhaar card brings a range of advantages that make it a preferred choice for many individuals. Here’s a simple and easy-to-read list of its benefits:

Durability: PVC Aadhaar cards are more robust and long-lasting compared to traditional paper cards, reducing wear and tear.

Convenience: The compact size of PVC Aadhaar cards makes them easier to carry in wallets or purses.

Water-Resistant: PVC cards are resistant to water damage, providing protection against accidental spills.

Tamper-Proof: The design of PVC cards makes them harder to tamper with, enhancing security.

Secure Data: PVC cards store your personal information securely, reducing the risk of data loss.

QR Code: PVC Aadhaar cards come with a QR code that enables easy scanning and verification.

Contactless Verification: The QR code allows for quick and contactless verification, making it convenient for various services.

Photograph Quality: The PVC card displays your photograph with better clarity and quality.

Enhanced Longevity: PVC Aadhaar cards have a longer lifespan compared to paper-based cards.

Eco-Friendly: PVC cards contribute to reduced paper usage, promoting environmental sustainability.

Professional Look: The PVC card’s professional appearance adds to its credibility and authenticity.


In conclusion, the PVC Aadhaar card offers a durable and modern alternative to the traditional paper-based Aadhaar card. By following the simple steps provided, you can easily track the status of your PVC Aadhaar card application and stay informed about its progress. Remember, patience is key as you await the delivery of your new identification card.


How can I check my PVC Aadhaar Card status?

Visit the UIDAI website and use your Aadhaar number to check the status online.

What is an SRN for the PVC Aadhaar Card?

SRN (Service Request Number) helps you track your card’s progress and status.

How long does it take to get the PVC Aadhaar Card delivered?

It usually arrives within 15 working days from dispatch, varying by location.

Can I track my PVC Aadhaar Card delivery?

Yes, you’ll receive an SMS with a tracking number for delivery updates.

What if my PVC Aadhaar Card status shows “Dispatched”?

Congratulations! Your card is on its way. Keep an eye out for the delivery.

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