CSC Axis KBS Portal for CSC Axis Bank BC: Register and Login Process

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Banking Made Easy through the CSC Axis KBS Portal for VLEs

Do you want to become an Axis Bank BC through CSC? Here’s your golden opportunity! Through the user-friendly CSC Axis KBS Portal, you can effortlessly step into the role of a Customer Service Point (CSP) or Bank Mitra. Applying for Axis Bank BC is a no Investment process, simply register through the CSC Axis Bank BC login portal using the easy steps outlined below.

The online registration process has been simplified for you, regardless of whether you are investigating CSC Axis Bank or looking for information about Axis Bank BC through CSC. Apply for Axis Bank BC through CSC, your entryway to a world of financial inclusion and growth, and take advantage of this wonderful opportunity to act as a facilitation center for Axis Bank. To ensure a smooth registration procedure, watch the instructional video or continue reading to start this exciting trip!

What is the CSC Axis KBS Portal?

The CSC Axis KBS Portal (KBS stands for Key Banking Services) is an online platform developed by CSC e-Governance Services India Ltd. in collaboration with Axis Bank Ltd. It allows Business Correspondents (BCs) of Axis Bank, also known as CSC Vle Mitras, to access various banking services and manage their client accounts remotely.

Launch of CSC Axis Bank Services Through CSC

Axis Bank joined forces with Common Service Center (CSC) SPV on August 14, 2019, to bring banking to far-off rural places. They picked CSC Village Level Entrepreneurs (VLEs) in every Gram Panchayat to be Banking Business Correspondents (BCs). This means these VLEs officially became Bank Mitras or BCs, making sure banking services reach everyone, even in places that usually don’t get much attention.

When they made this cool announcement, they talked about Axis Bank’s huge network of 4094 branches all over the country. These branches have been offering all kinds of services to customers. And guess what? By the end of June 2019, they started a plan to turn VLEs into Bank BCs, step by step. It’s like bringing banking closer to everyone, making things simpler and better.

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What Facilities Will VLE Provide to Citizens?

The aim is clear, to bring essential banking services closer to every citizen, making financial transactions and services more accessible and convenient through the dedicated efforts of CSC VLEs.

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  1. Current and Savings Account Opening: VLEs will help citizens open current and savings accounts, making banking accessible to everyone.
  2. Loan Application Assistance: Need a loan? VLEs will be there to guide and assist citizens through the loan application process.
  3. Insurance Services: VLEs will offer support for obtaining insurance, ensuring that citizens can protect themselves and their assets.
  4. Credit Card Services: Planning to get a credit card? VLEs will assist citizens in applying for credit cards, making financial transactions more convenient.
  5. Deposits and Withdrawals: Citizens can easily make deposits and withdrawals through CSC VLEs, adding flexibility to their banking experience.

What Facilities VLE Will Get?

  1. Manage Accounts: Easily handle Customer Axis Bank accounts, check balances, get mini statements, and view transaction history without any hassle.
  2. Customer Service Made Easy: Access tools to help with everyday tasks like opening accounts, depositing cash, withdrawing money, transferring funds, paying bills, or topping up prepaid phones.
  3. Financial Products at Your Fingertips: Sell Axis Bank’s financial products directly through the portal, from deposits to loans and insurance, making it easier for your customer.
  4. Earn While You Serve: Track your earnings effortlessly! Use the commission tracking feature to monitor the commissions you’ve earned on completed transactions and services.
  5. Insights with Reporting: Understand your business and clients better by generating reports on activities and performance – giving you the clarity you need.
  6. Learn and Get Support: Access training materials on the portal and connect with Axis Bank for any assistance – ensuring you’re well-prepared to use the portal and assist your clients effectively.
CSC Axis KBS Portal Facilities VLE Will Get

How to Apply For CSC Axis KBS?

You can register online for the CSC banking website, apply for the IIBF exam, and have your police verification completed to apply for the CSC Axis Bank CSP.

Step By Step Application Process

By following these easy steps, you’ll be well on your way to becoming a CSC Axis Bank BC, contributing to financial inclusion, and providing essential services in your community.

VLE Registration:

Begin by visiting the CSC banking portal and initiating your VLE registration. Just click the provided link to get started on this essential step.

IIBF Bank BC Exam:

Once registered, the next key step is to pass the IIBF Bank BC Exam. Click on the provided link to embark on this crucial part of the process.

Police Verification:

After completing the exam, reach out to your nearest police station for the required police verification. It’s an important step to ensure the authenticity of your application.

Update Information on CSC Bank BC Portal:

Keep things up-to-date by revisiting the CSC Bank BC Portal and updating all the necessary information. This ensures a smooth and accurate application process.

Apply for VLE Current Account:

Head over to the nearest Axis Bank branch and apply for a VLE current account. This step brings you closer to becoming a valuable part of the Axis Bank network.

Need Help? Contact CSC District Manager:

If you encounter any issues or have questions along the way, don’t hesitate to get in touch with the CSC District Manager. They are there to assist you and ensure a seamless process.

CSC Axis KBS Login

  • Open a web browser on your computer or mobile device.
  • Visit the official CSC Axis KBS Portal website:
  • Enter Your Login Credentials User ID and Password accurately.
  • Click on “Login”:
  • Allow Geolocation Permission (if required)
  • If prompted, allow the website to access your device’s location.
  • This is often a security measure to verify your identity.
  • Upon successful login, you’ll be redirected to the main dashboard of the CSC Axis KBS Portal
  • Now you can Access the Portal
  • From here, you can start using the various banking services and features available to you as a BC.

Final Word on CSC Axis KBS Portal

The CSC Axis KBS Portal opens doors to a world of opportunities for those aspiring to be Axis Bank BCs. Through a simple registration process and easy access via the login portal, you can step into the role of a Bank Mitra with confidence. Don’t miss this chance to contribute to financial inclusion through CSC Axis Bank BC.

FAQs on CSC Axis KBS Portal

Can anyone become a CSC Axis Bank BC?

Absolutely! Anyone can apply, and we’ve got the steps to guide you.

What can I offer through the CSC Axis KBS Portal?

You can offer a bunch of services, from managing accounts to offering loans and insurance.

How do I keep track of my earnings on the portal?

The portal has a nifty feature to track your commissions.

How do I get started on the CSC Axis KBS Portal?

Follow our simple steps, and you’ll be on your way!

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