CSC Services Charges List 2024 Citizens Should Know the Charges!

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CSC Service and CSC Services Charges List

As a CSC VLE, it is important to provide citizens with government and essential services at a fair and reasonable cost. Unfortunately, some VLEs may overcharge customers who do not know the proper service charges for these services, which is both illegal and a criminal offense.

Therefore, it is crucial for VLEs to display the approved CSC Services Charges List in their centers, informing customers of the correct and reasonable charges for the services they provide. By doing this, customers will trust the VLE and have faith in their services, which will lead to positive word-of-mouth and a strong reputation. By adhering to the proper service charges and displaying them prominently, VLEs can ensure excellent customer satisfaction and build a sustainable business model.

What is the CSC Services Charges List?

The CSC Services Charges List refers to the fees or charges associated with services provided by Common Service Centers (CSCs). These charges vary depending on the specific service and may include fees for services such as Aadhaar enrollment, PAN card processing, passport applications, utility bill payments, and various other government and private sector services. The charges are determined by the government and are subject to change.

Why CSC Services Charges List is necessary to display on the CSC Center?

Displaying the CSC Services Charges List at CSC centers is important for the following simple reasons:

Clear Information: Displaying the CSC Services Charges List ensures that customers have clear information about the cost of different services available at the CSC center.

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Easy Decision-making: Customers can easily decide which services they want to avail of based on the displayed charges. They can choose services that fit their budget and needs.

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Avoiding Confusion: By prominently displaying the charges, misunderstandings or confusion regarding service costs can be avoided. Customers know exactly what to expect and can plan accordingly.

Customer Satisfaction: Transparently displaying the charges helps in satisfying customers as they feel informed and aware of the costs associated with the services they receive.

Building Trust: Displaying CSC Services Charges builds trust between the CSC center and its customers. It shows that the center is honest, fair, and committed to providing services at the disclosed prices.

Compliance: Displaying the CSC Services Charges List is often required by regulations and guidelines to ensure compliance with pricing standards set for CSC operations.

Most Important CSC Services with Charges

The most important services provided by CSCs and the associated charges:

  1. e-Governance Services:
    – Aadhaar card enrollment: Nominal charges for enrolling and updating Aadhaar details.
    – PAN card application: Affordable charges for new PAN card applications and modifications.
    – Utility bill payments: Convenient payment options with nominal processing fees.
  2. Banking Services:
    – Bank Account opening: Minimal charges for opening savings accounts, including documentation and processing fees.
    – Cash deposit and withdrawal: Nominal fees for cash transactions, ensuring convenient access to banking services.
    – Fund transfers: Affordable charges for transferring money between accounts or to other banks.
  3. Insurance Services:
    – Life insurance: Premiums based on the policy type, age, and coverage amount.
    – Health insurance: Affordable premiums based on the plan selected and individual factors.
    – Crop insurance: Charges based on the crop type, area, and coverage provided.
  4. Education and Skill Development:
    – Digital literacy programs: Nominal fees for basic computer and internet training.
    – Skill development courses: Charges vary based on the specific course, duration, and certification.
  5. Telemedicine Services:
    – Consultation fees: Affordable charges for online medical consultations with qualified doctors.
    – Diagnostic tests: Cost-effective rates for various medical tests conducted through partner diagnostic centers.
  6. Common Service Center-Services: – Printing and photocopy services: Nominal charges for document printing and photocopying.
    – Internet browsing and e-mail services: Affordable hourly rates for internet access and email-related tasks.
    – Online form filling and submission: Convenient charges for assistance in filling and submitting online forms.

These charges are designed to be reasonable and accessible for citizens, promoting the adoption of e-governance, financial inclusion, skill development, and other essential services provided by CSCs.

New CSC Services Charges List 2024

Digital Education & Certifications

ServiceCharges (in Rupees)
CSC Olympiad (Subject Wise)₹150/- per subject
Tally Kaushal Proman Patra₹1180/-
Tally Flash Content _ Certification By Prompt₹1180/-
Introduction On GST₹1180/-
Financial Accounting With GST Basic / Advance Without Certification₹400/-
Financial Accounting With GST Basic / Advance With Certification₹900/-
BCC Certification By CSC Academy₹375/-
NIELIT Exam Application (BCC / CCC / 0 Level / A Level etc.)₹375/- to ₹675/-
Amity / Symbiosis Course RegistrationAs per course fees
NIOS Online ApplicationAs per the NIOS fee structure

Skill Development & Training

ServiceCharges (in Rupees)
Soft Skill & Personality Development₹59/-
Cyber Security₹1180/-
Computer Hardware & Trouble Shooting₹1200/-
Optical Fiber Splicing Course₹177/-
Digital Wellness₹59/-
DTH Technician₹235/-
CAD registration Certification by Siemens₹1650/-

Health Services

ServiceCharges (in Rupees)
Health Homeo 999₹999/-
Health Homeo 499₹499/-
Health Homeo 199₹199/-
Apollo Telemedicine Normal₹100/-
Apollo Telemedicine Specialization₹700/-
Medicine Procure from Wellcomecure₹25/- per bottle
E-Pashu Chikitsha₹50/-
Hospital Appointment Booking₹575/- (minimum)
DOC OPD₹50/- per consultation
1mg Health Services _1mg AyushDepends on products

Government Services

ServiceCharges (in Rupees)
Sarkari Pariksha _ Retail Plan (Red / Silver / Bronze / Gold / CCC 150 / CCC 250)₹100/- to ₹1400/-
Person With Disability Scheme for Orthopedic Handicapped With 40% DisabilityFree
Alimco RegistrationFree
Yogyata Registration₹471/-
Udyam Registration₹30/-
Jeevan Praman₹15/- maximum
Electricity Bill Through BBPS (CESC/ WBSEDCL)Varies based on bill amount

Financial & Insurance Services

ServiceCharges (in Rupees)
IT Return₹365/-
National Pension System₹200/- (registration) & 0.5% on additional contribution
Atal Pension Yojana₹200/- (individual citizen) & ₹1000/- (institutions)
Insurance Premium CollectionAs per the customer’s choice on policy premium amount
General Insurance/ Motor Insurance/ Health Insurance / Term Insurance/ Cattle Insurance New PoliciesAs per the customer’s choice of policy premium amount

Banking & Financial Transactions

ServiceCharges (in Rupees)
Bank Account OpeningFree (or as per bank policy)
Cash DepositFree (or as per bank policy)
Cash WithdrawalFree (or as per bank policy)
Fund TransferFree
LoanFree (processing charge as per bank policy)
Aadhaar Enable Payment System (Digi Pay) WithdrawnFree (as per bank policy)
Aadhaar Enable Payment System (Digi Pay) Balance EnquiryFree

Travel & Accommodation

ServiceCharges (in Rupees)
Air Ticket BookingDepends on ticket
Oyo Room BookingDepends on price / choice

Miscellaneous Services

ServiceCharges (in Rupees)
BIO Update/ Correction In AADHAR₹100/-
Demo Update/ Correction In AADHAR₹50/-
AADHAR Color PrintOut₹30/-
Mobile RechargeDepends on recharge amount
DTH RechargeDepends on recharge amount
Bulb Manufacturing & sell₹90/-
Nano Urea₹240/-
Sanitary Napkin Manufacturing & Sell₹5/- per pad

Note: Please note that service charges for government and essential services may vary over time. CSC VLEs and customers need to be aware of this possibility. VLEs should regularly update and display the current CSC Services Charges List in their center. Customers should inquire about the latest charges before availing any services to avoid any misunderstandings. Keeping updated on service charges ensures transparency and fairness in providing and receiving important services.

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Final Word

Common Service Centers (CSCs) offer a wide range of services to citizens at affordable and reasonable charges. These services include e-governance, banking, insurance, education and skill development, telemedicine, and other common services such as printing, browsing, and form filling. CSCs act as enablers of digital initiatives, ensuring access to essential services and providing employment opportunities in rural and remote areas. The charges associated with these services are designed to be nominal and accessible for citizens, encouraging the adoption of digital services and promoting financial inclusion.


What services are provided by CSC?

Various Services like Education, Skill & Training Services (School, College, Vocational Education, Employment, Online courses, etc.) Health Services (Telemedicine, Medicines) Banking & Insurance Services (General Banking, Loans, Insurance) Citizen Services (Passport, Aadhar, PAN, IRCTC, Utility payments) services CSC provided.

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