Google Messages 7 New Features Make You Surprise: Explore Now!

By Bikash

Exploring the Exciting New Features of Google Messages

Google Messages, with its staggering 1 billion active users, has unveiled an array of seven innovative features. These enhancements promise to transform the messaging experience into a more interactive and delightful affair. Let’s delve into these new additions that elevate Google Messages into a more powerful and engaging messaging application.

Google Messages 7 New Features

  1. Screen Effects: Now, messages can come to life with animations. Typing phrases like “I love you” triggers visual displays like hearts within the chat, making interactions more vibrant and expressive.
  2. Custom Bubbles: Inject personality into conversations by customizing background colors and chat bubbles. Each chat can have its unique visual appeal, making communication more personalized and enjoyable.
  3. Reaction Effects: Reacting to messages takes on a new dimension. Prolonged taps on messages enable users to select emojis that trigger dynamic animations near the message bubbles, adding flair to interactions.
  4. Animated Emoji: Express with flair by sending animated emojis. With a tap on the (+) button in the messaging interface, users can select animated images from their gallery or conduct a quick search through Google.
  5. Profiles: Easily modify profile settings within the messaging interface. Customize your name, photo, and phone number with a simple tap on your profile, allowing for personalized identification.
  6. Voice Moods: Enhance voice messages with mood effects. Before recording, choose from a variety of visual effects like heart-eyes, fireballs, or party poppers to amplify your emotional expression.
  7. Photomoji: Create personalized emojis by blending your photo with diverse expressions and backgrounds, adding a touch of uniqueness to your messages.

Additionally, Google Messages has bolstered its RCS support, enabling a broader range of features across different messaging platforms. This expansion includes typing indicators, read receipts, and high-quality media sharing, making interactions more seamless and engaging.


With these Google Messages 7 New Features and enhanced RCS support, Google Messages has transformed into a more interactive, fun, and versatile platform for connecting with friends and family. These updates promise to make every interaction within the app more expressive and enjoyable.

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