Best Free LinkedIn Email Scraper Chrome Extension

By Bikash

The Most Awaited LinkedIn Email Scraper Chrome Extension is Here!

Are you a professional or freelancer looking to easily grab people’s phone numbers and emails from LinkedIn? Good news! This Great LinkedIn Email Scraper Chrome Extension, the top LinkedIn email scraper Chrome extension, does this for free. It worked when I tested it on my most recent project. Simply install the Chrome Extension, visit LinkedIn, enable it on any profile, and presto! You have their phone number and email address. Make use of such data for lead generation, marketing, and sales.

Get Verified Contact Info Instantly

When you install SignalHire and navigate to LinkedIn profiles, activate the extension to retrieve their email addresses and phone numbers in real time. Tested in a recent project, the data it provides is reliable and functional.

Customize Data Gathering

Customize your data collection according to your needs. Utilize this information for sales, marketing, or generating leads. Remember, while CEOs might not readily answer calls, reaching out to marketing managers or sales teams tends to yield better responses.

Unparalleled Features

Unlike other tools, SignalHire sets itself apart by allowing bulk email searches for up to 1000 individuals at once, making the process 1000 times faster. The extension ensures high accuracy with a 95% success rate and a minimal 3-5% bounce rate.

Real-Time Verification

SignalHire doesn’t just provide data; it verifies it too. Before displaying any contact details, the extension runs them through third-party verification tools, ensuring you only receive accurate and relevant information.

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User-Friendly Process

With SignalHire, finding emails for over 85% of LinkedIn users is as simple as a single click. The extension operates seamlessly, excluding outdated or irrelevant data, guaranteeing the precision of your searches.

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How to Use SignalHire

  1. Sign Up: Register with your business email address on SignalHire.
  2. Install Extension: Add the browser extension to your preferred browser.
  3. Start Searching: Activate the extension on any website to uncover an individual’s email address instantly.

Final Word

SignalHire LinkedIn Email Scraper Chrome Extension simplifies the process of finding both personal and business emails across the web, ensuring you connect with the right people. Elevate your networking and outreach strategies with this powerful LinkedIn tool!


How does SignalHire work on LinkedIn?

Once installed, simply activate SignalHire on any LinkedIn profile to instantly get their email and phone number.

Can I use SignalHire’s data for sales and marketing?

Yes! Collect and utilize the data as needed for your sales, marketing strategies, or finding potential leads.

Does SignalHire work for CEOs’ contact info?

CEOs might not be as responsive, so it’s suggested to focus on other roles for better results.

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