You Should Know New UPI Transaction Rules, New Changes, and Limits 2024

By Bikash

2024 UPI Transformation: New UPI Transaction Rules

In the last few years, digital payments in India have been booming, and a big reason for this success is the Unified Payments Interface (UPI). Think of UPI as the superhero of payments – it makes transactions super easy and quick. But, to keep everything running smoothly, there are some New UPI Transaction Rules and changes on the horizon for 2024. These changes aim to make using UPI even better and safer for everyone. Get ready for a more awesome and hassle-free way of handling your digital transactions!

New UPI Transaction Rules 2024

Deactivation of Inactive UPIs: Cleaning Up Dormancy

You have a UPI ID, but you haven’t used it in a year. Well, the National Payments Corporation of India (NPCI) is saying it’s time to bid farewell to such inactive UPI IDs. They’re hitting the delete button to keep things tidy and reduce the chances of any mischief.

Increased Transaction Limits: Raising the Bar

Think of the transaction limit as a maximum spending cap. Now, the NPCI has set a new daily spending limit for UPI transactions, and it’s Rs 1 lakh. But, here’s the twist – if you’re paying for education or healthcare, you get a bigger spending playground with a limit of Rs 5 lakh.

Interchange Fee: Understanding the Cost

If you’re buying something big using UPI at certain spots, there’s a little fee – like 1.1 percent of what you’re spending. But here’s the cool part: if you’re just a regular user, you won’t see any extra charges. So, if you’re grabbing a new phone for Rs 10,000, the fee would be Rs 110 (10,000 * 1.1%). But don’t stress, if you’re a usual user, that Rs 110 stays put – no surprise charges. The goal is to keep your shopping easy without any hidden costs. So, keep using UPI hassle-free, and your money stays right where it belongs – in your pocket!

Four-hour Time Limit: Battling Online Payment Fraud

Let’s talk about keeping your online payments safe and easy. When you’re about to make a big payment, more than Rs 2,000, to someone new. To make sure it’s secure, there might be a time limit, like four hours, just for that first payment. It’s like having a bodyguard for your money! So, within those four hours, you confirm the payment, and you’re good to go.

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Now, get ready for ‘Tap and Pay’ – it’s like magic for your payments. Soon, you might only need to tap something, and your payment happens in a snap – quick and simple. It’s all about making your online payments safer and as easy as saying abracadabra!

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UPI ATM: Revolutionizing Cash Withdrawals

Imagine an ATM that works with UPI. That’s what the Reserve Bank of India (RBI) is planning – UPI ATMs. You scan a QR code, and voila! Cash in hand, directly from your bank account. It’s like having a mini bank in your pocket.

UPI Transaction Milestone: Numbers and Value

November 2023 was a big month for UPI transactions. Even though the number of transactions went down a bit, the total amount spent went up, hitting a whopping Rs 17.4 trillion. That’s a lot of zeros!

Conclusion about New UPI Transaction Rules

These new UPI rules in 2024 bring changes, but they’re here to make things better. As we keep stepping into digital payments, it’s essential to know what’s happening for a smooth and secure financial journey. Think of it as adding cool features to your digital money toolkit, making things faster, safer, and easier. As we all jump into the world of digital payments, understanding these changes is like having a GPS for a hassle-free and secure money journey. So, get ready for the upgrade, and let’s make your digital payment adventures a breeze!

FAQs about New UPI Transaction Rules

What happens if my UPI is inactive for a year?

It might get deactivated to keep the system safe and sound.

Will I be charged extra for big transactions?

There’s a 1.1 percent fee for specific big transactions, but regular users won’t feel it.

Why is there a time limit for the first big payment?

It’s a safety measure to reduce the chances of online payment fraud.

How do UPI ATMs work?

Scan a QR code, and you can withdraw cash directly from your bank account.

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