Twitter Blue Tick India 2024: Claim Your Verified Status Now

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A Twitter account’s authenticity and authenticity are shown by the desired Twitter Blue Tick verification icon. Twitter Blue Tick India is incredibly important in India since it helps people in establishing their identities and defending themselves against impersonation. Individuals and organizations in India can apply for a blue checkmark, which raises their visibility and authority on the network, by fulfilling certain requirements outlined by Twitter.

In this post we will talk about Twitter Blue Tick, including what it is, how to get it, how much it costs, what it offers, and the qualifying requirements in India. Understanding the Twitter Blue Tick procedure in India will help you build a reliable online presence whether you’re an aspirant influencer, a well-known individual, or a reputable organization.

What is Twitter Blue Tick India?

A Twitter Blue Tick is a little blue checkmark that shows next to a user’s name. It means that Twitter has confirmed the account’s legitimacy. Twitter gives blue ticks to accounts that satisfy certain requirements, such as being well-known, having a sizable following, and being active.

Twitter Blue Tick India Verification

To be eligible for a Twitter Blue Tick verification in India, certain criteria must be met, including:

  • Account Authenticity: Twitter will only accept accounts that it believes to be legitimate representations of genuine people or organizations.
  • Notability: Your account should be seen as noteworthy if you want it to have any impact on your industry or profession.
  • Significant Following: Your account should have a substantial number of followers, while Twitter does not make the precise number of followers it requires publically available.
  • Active Usage: You should consistently publish to your account and communicate with others.

How to Get Twitter Blue Tick India

To obtain a Twitter Blue Tick, follow these steps:

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  • Ensure Eligibility: Comply with the abovementioned requirements, including having a credible account with a sizable following.
  • Application: Visit the Twitter website to apply for verification. Give the required details, including your username, email address, and a succinct account description.
  • Review Procedure: Twitter will examine your application to see whether you match the requirements for verification. The screening procedure could take some time, and Twitter might ask for further details if necessary.
  • Approval: A blue checkmark on your Twitter profile, showing that your account has been verified, will appear if your application is accepted.

Twitter Blue Tick Price in India

App UsersWeb Users
Monthly Subscription₹900₹650
Annual Subscription₹9,400₹6,800
Please note that these prices are for the Twitter Blue subscription service in India and do not guarantee or influence the verification process for obtaining a blue tick. The subscription grants access to additional features and benefits provided by Twitter Blue.

Twitter Blue Tick India Benefits

Obtaining a Twitter Blue Tick offers several benefits, including:

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  • Increased Credibility and Visibility: Authenticity-symbolizing blue ticks represent authenticity, which raises credibility and exposure on the network.
  • Protection against Impersonation: Having a verified account makes it easier for others to tell you apart from spoof accounts or other accounts that are trying to trick people.
  • Access to Exclusive Features: Twitter Blue customers have early access to new features and products, as well as personalization choices and tweet, undo capabilities.
  • Dedicated Customer Support: Dedicated Customer Support is available to Twitter Blue subscribers for any problems or questions they may have.

Twitter Blue Tick Criteria

Depending on the nation, the requirements for receiving a Twitter Blue Tick may differ significantly, but often include:

  • Your account must reflect a real person or business.
  • Your account should be notable in its industry or sector, with respect to importance, impact, or recognition.
  • Your account ought to have a good deal of followers (the detailed amount is unknown).
  • Your account should be actively utilized and consistently show activity through posting and interaction.


The Twitter Blue Tick India verification procedure in India is a useful resource for people and organizations looking to prove their legitimacy and reputation on the network. Users can apply for the desired blue checkmark by fulfilling the requirements of having a legitimate, noteworthy account with a sizable following. Having a Twitter Blue Tick gives you access to special features, better exposure, and protection against impersonation.

The verification procedure is distinct from the Twitter Blue membership service, which provides more customization choices and capabilities, and this should be noted. Understanding the Twitter Blue Tick procedure in India might be essential to developing a credible and influential personal brand as social media continues to play a vital part in digital presence and personal branding.

Twitter Blue Tick India FAQs

What is a Twitter Blue Tick?

A Twitter Blue Tick India is a small blue checkmark that appears next to a user’s name on Twitter, indicating that the account has been verified by Twitter as authentic.

How can I get a Twitter Blue Tick in India?

To obtain a Twitter Blue Tick in India, you need to meet the eligibility criteria, including having an authentic and notable account with a significant following. You can apply for verification through the Twitter website.

What is the price of Twitter Blue Tick in India?

The Twitter Blue Tick is a separate process from the Twitter Blue subscription service. In India, Twitter Blue subscription costs ₹900 per month for app users and ₹650 per month for web users.

What are the benefits of having a Twitter Blue Tick?

Having a Twitter Blue Tick offers benefits such as increased credibility and visibility, protection from impersonation, and access to exclusive features.

What are the criteria for Twitter Blue Tick verification in India?

The criteria for Twitter Blue Tick verification in India include having an authentic and notable account, a significant following, and being an active user.

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