Windows 12 Leaks And Rumours: What’s New Features And Release Date

If you are Looking for a AI Based Advanced Operating System then you may get happy to heard about Windows upcoming version 12 if the earliest leaks are proven true.

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Windows 12 Leaks And Rumours: Is there a New Version coming?

Get ready for some exciting news about Windows 12! There are some Windows 12 Leaks And Rumours It’s like the next big thing for your computer, and it might pop up in 2024. Remember how Microsoft surprised us with Windows 11 even after saying Windows 10 was the final stop? Well, now there’s chatter about Windows 12 joining the scene. That means some cool changes might be on the way.

Imagine having your computer built like a Lego set, getting a stylish makeover, and even getting a subscription plan. This essay aims to address all the rumors and leaks around Windows 12, examine the amazing features that have everyone talking, and determine when the release date will be announced. What’s causing everyone so excited about Windows 12? Let’s Explore!

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Recap: From Windows 10 to Windows 11 Surprise

Remember when Microsoft assured us that Windows 10 would be the ultimate destination for our PCs? But, surprise, surprise! In 2021, Windows 11 made its grand entrance, breaking the promise of Windows 10 being the final stop. In the present day, Windows 12 is the talk of the town. This time, the promise? Something revolutionary and completely fresh for our cherished PCs. With constant innovation and surprises, Windows’ journey never stops keeping us on the edge of our seats.

Meet the Hero: AI in Windows 12

Windows 11 got cozy with AI, making our computers smarter. Now, Windows 12 is going big on this idea. The plan? To make a super-smart computer system, giving competition to Apple’s macOS.

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Quick Look: What’s Coming in Windows 12

1. New Look, New Feel

Windows likes to change how things look on our PC screens. Windows 12 is continuing the trend with a fresh taskbar look. Imagine a floating taskbar at the top, with a cool makeover for the Start menu and File Explorer.

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2. Building Blocks for Computers: Modular OS

Ever played with Lego blocks? That’s the idea for Windows 12. It wants to be like Lego for your computer. You pick and choose what you want, making your PC perfect for you. Plus, it means faster updates and extra safety.

3. Pay As You Go: Subscription Talk

Here’s the scoop: Windows 12 might ask for a subscription fee. Pay monthly or yearly, and you get special features. It’s like Xbox Game Pass but for your PC. Whether you love business tools or gaming goodies, there might be a pack for you.

4. AI Takes the Spotlight

Windows 12 aims to make our computers even smarter. Imagine your computer assistant, Copilot, having VIP access to everything. It’s like having a friend who knows everything about PCs. Microsoft hopes it’ll steer you away from Google Chrome towards Bing.

5. Check Your PC’s ID: Windows 12 Requirements

Before you get too excited, check if your PC is ready. Windows 12 might say goodbye to older computers. If it happens, newer PCs with fancy processors might be the ones invited to the Windows 12 party.

Mark Your Calendar: Windows 12 Release Date

Mark your calendar with a big circle around mid-2024 because that’s the expected debut of Windows 12. Initially, the spotlight might shine on the cool, top-tier devices, giving them a first taste of Windows 12. However, fear not, as the rest of us, eager to explore the new features and improvements, are likely to get our chance to enjoy Windows 12 a bit later on. So, while the excitement begins with the tech elites, the rest of the PC community won’t be left waiting for too long to experience the next chapter in Windows evolution.

Final Thoughts about Windows 12 Leaks And Rumours

Get set for Windows 12 coming in 2024! If the leaks are true, it’s going to be awesome. Imagine a whole new look for your computer and building it like Lego. Plus, there might be a cool subscription plan. Wrapping up our Windows 12 journey, it’s like Microsoft is ready to shake things up in the computer world. Whether you’re into a stylish makeover, personalizing your PC like Lego blocks, or trying out a subscription, Windows 12 seems to have something for everyone. So, mark your calendar for around 2024, and let’s get ready for a fresh and exciting chapter in the world of computers!

FAQs about Windows 12 Leaks And Rumours

Is Windows 12 a free upgrade like before?

We’re not sure yet. Windows 12 might switch to a subscription model, changing how you get new features.

How does the Lego-style computer work in Windows 12?

Think of it like building your PC with Lego blocks. You choose what features you want, making your computer fit your needs like a glove.

Do I have to pay extra for Windows 12 features?

It’s possible. Windows 12 might ask for a subscription fee. You pay, and you unlock special features based on what you need.

Will Windows 12 make my PC smarter?

Yes! With Copilot as your PC buddy, Windows 12 wants to make your computer experience even smarter and more helpful.

When is Windows 12 coming to my PC?

Look out for mid-2024. Initially, it might be for top-tier devices, but everyone else might get their turn later.

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