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E Shram Card Payment Status, Benefits, Eligibility, Registration Process

A digital project called E Shram Card was introduced by the Indian government in August 2021. It is an electronic platform created to give unorganized sector workers in India a special identification. E-Shram Card’s goal is to compile a database of unorganized sector employees across the country and offer them different social security advantages. These employees should be able to access the various government benefit programs with the aid of the card.

It is a significant step towards providing social security for workers in the unorganized sector, who have hitherto been denied such benefits. By offering precise information on the quantity and distribution of employees in the unorganized sector across the nation, the card would also enable improved execution of government initiatives. We’ll go through the E Shram Card’s definition, goals, advantages, requirements for eligibility, registration process, and more in this post.

What is E Shram Card?

A digital card called the E-Shram Card promises to give unorganized employees in India social protection. The card, a project of the Ministry of Labour and Employment, aims to provide unorganized employees with a special identifying number. Additionally, it aims to ensure that these workers get social security payments and welfare programs more effectively.

E Shram Card Objective

Giving unorganized employees in India a special identifying number is the main goal of the E Shram Card. These workers will be able to take advantage of the numerous social security plans and welfare benefits that are available to them with the aid of this number. The government would be able to keep track of unorganized employees using the Shramik Card, ensuring that they receive the benefits to which they are entitled.

E Shram Card Benefits

Unorganized employees in India may take advantage of a number of incentives with the E Shram Card. These advantages consist of the following:

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Access to social security schemes: Social security plans are available to unorganized employees through the Shramik Card, including pensions, health insurance, and life insurance.

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Improved working conditions: By giving unorganized employees greater pay, social security, and protection from exploitation, the E Shramik Card seeks to improve the working conditions of these people.

Financial inclusion: The E Shram Card will make it easier for unorganized employees to obtain credit options and create bank accounts, giving them more protection over their money.

Skill development: Training and skill development possibilities will also be available through the EShram Card, helping unorganized employees become more employable.

E Shram Card Eligibility

  • The candidate must work in India’s unorganized economy.
  • The employee must be self-employed or employed by a company with less than 10 employees.
  • The worker’s age range must be between 16 and 59.
  • The candidate must possess a current Aadhaar number.
  • The candidate should register on the eShram site or update their information if previously enrolled if they are a platform worker (working for Ola, Uber, Amazon, Flipkart, etc.).

E Shram Card Benefits List

The E Shram Card offers a wide range of advantages. Several of the card’s main advantages include:

Pension: Through the E Shram Card, unorganized employees can access the Atal Pension Yojana. This program offers unorganized sector workers a set pension.

Life insurance: Unorganised employees with the E Shram Card are also eligible for up to Rs. 2 lacks in life insurance coverage.

Health insurance: Through the Shram Card, unorganized employees may also get health insurance benefits. Up to Rs. 5 lakhs in coverage per family per year is offered under the plan.

Disability insurance: Unorganised employees can receive up to Rs. 2 lacks in disability insurance coverage thanks to the E Shram Digital Card.

E Shram Card Registration Online

Through the official website, one may register for the E Shram Card online. Simple registration requirements include giving basic information like name, age, gender, and occupation. The employee must also provide their Aadhaar number and upload a picture.

How to Apply for E Shram Card Apply Online?

  1. Visit the E Shram portal’s official website at
  2. On the homepage, click the “Register Now” option.
  3. Choose either English or Hindi as your desired language, then click “Continue.”
  4. After entering your Aadhaar number, select “Verify Aadhaar.”
  5. You will be prompted to provide your personal data, including name, date of birth, gender, and mobile number, when your Aadhaar details have been validated.
  6. You will next be prompted to provide information about your occupation, including the nature of your job, your employer’s name, and your monthly salary.
  7. Additionally, a current photo and a copy of your Aadhaar card must be uploaded.
  8. After providing all the necessary information, click “Submit.”
  9. Your registered mobile number will receive a 12-digit Shramik ID or UAN number after it has been generated.
  10. After login into your account on the E Shram site with your Shramik ID and registered mobile number, you can download your Shram Card.

E Shram Card Status Check 2023

The employee can monitor the progress of their application online via the official website after completing the E Shram Card registration process.

  1. Visit the E Shram official website.
  2. Go to the ‘E-Aadhaar Card Beneficiary Status Check’ link and click it.
  3. To proceed, you must input your E-Shram card number, UAN number, or Aadhaar card number on the new page that will be displayed to you.
  4. After providing the necessary details, press the “Submit” button.
  5. The status of your E Shramik Card will then be shown, including whether the payment has been received or not.

E Shram Card Download

The employee can get the E Shram Card from the official website once their application has been accepted.

  1. Using the web browser on your device, go to to access the e-Shram portal’s official website.
  2. The “UPDATE” link may be found on the homepage.
  3. Put in your login information, including your username and password.
  4. After logging in, select the “e-Shram Card” link.
  5. On the screen, your Shram Card will appear. By clicking the download button, you may get it.

E-shram Card in Hindi

The E Shram Card website offers guidance and information in Hindi as well for the benefit of employees who are more accustomed to speaking it. By using the language choice offered on the website, the employee can change the website’s language to Hindi.

E Shram Card Self Registration

Employees can also self-register for the Online Shram Card by going to the official website and following the instructions. Follow these steps to self-register for an Electronic Shram Card:

  1. Use any web browser to visit, the e-Shram portal’s official website.
  2. The “Register” link is on the homepage; click it.
  3. Please enter the contact information associated with your Aadhaar card.
  4. As instructed on the screen, enter the captcha code.
  5. Indicate “NO” next to the EPFO and ESIC selections.
  6. To send an OTP to your registered mobile phone, choose the option.
  7. Enter the OTP that was sent to your cell phone.
  8. Aadhaar number, please enter.
  9. By checking the box after reading and accepting the terms and conditions, you may submit the form.
  10. Enter the OTP that was issued to your Aadhaar-linked cellphone number.
  11. Include the necessary personal information, such as your name, birth date, gender, etc.
  12. Include your state, district, pin code, and other information with your address.
  13. Please provide the information about your educational background.
  14. Complete every other requested piece of information.
  15. Prior to submitting the form, double-check all the information.
  16. Once the information is accurate, submit the form, and the Shramik Card will be created.

E Shram Card Registration Last Date

There is no set deadline for E Shram Card registration, according to the administration. To take advantage of the benefits offered by the program, workers are urged to apply for the card as soon as feasible.


The Indian government’s E Shram Card program is a worthwhile effort aimed at giving unorganized employees national social protection. The government hopes to improve these workers’ access to social security payments and welfare programs by giving them a unique identification number. Access to a number of social security programs, including pensions, life insurance, health insurance, and disability insurance, is made possible via the E Shram Card. The card’s registration procedure is straightforward and may be finished online. To take advantage of the benefits offered by the plan, workers are urged to register for the card as soon as possible.


What is the use of e Shram?

E Shram is a digital platform launched by the Government of India to provide a unique identification to unorganized sector workers. The platform helps these workers access various social security benefits and government schemes.

How can I check my e Shram card balance?

E Shram Card does not provide any balance as it is not a financial instrument. It is a digital platform designed to provide a unique identification to unorganized sector workers in India.

How much money is a Shram card?

There is no fee for getting an E Shram Card. It is issued free of cost to eligible unorganized sector workers.

How do I claim Eshram benefits?

You can claim E Shram benefits by providing your E Shram Card details and other necessary documents to the relevant government authority. The specific process may vary depending on the type of benefit you are claiming.

What is e shram card?

E Shram Card is a digital platform launched by the Government of India to provide a unique identification to unorganized sector workers in India. The card is expected to help these workers get access to various social security benefits and government schemes.

How to check e shram card balance?

E Shram Card does not provide any balance as it is not a financial instrument. It is a digital platform designed to provide a unique identification to unorganized sector workers in India.

How to check e shram card payment status?

E Shram Card does not involve any payment as it is issued free of cost to eligible unorganized sector workers. However, you can check the status of your E Shram Card application by visiting the e-Shram portal and logging in to your account.

How to make e shram card?

You can make an E Shram Card by registering online at the official e-Shram portal ( You will need to provide your Aadhaar number and other personal details to complete the registration process.

Who can apply for e shram card?

Unorganized sector workers such as construction workers, agricultural workers, domestic workers, and other similar categories of workers can apply for E Shram Card. These workers must have a valid Aadhaar card and should be between the age of 16 and 59 years.

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