Eseva CSCCloud In: The Digital Bridge to E Mobility Services

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Eseva CSCCloud In Smart Solutions for a Connected India

Eseva CSCCloud in is a CSC initiative to provide E Mobility various services to the citizens of remote areas of India. However, the initiative also offers a range of products and services to meet the needs of its customers. These products and services include electric vehicles, tractors, charging infrastructure, energy storage solutions, network services, and smart products.

One of the most critical products of Eseva CSCCloud is electric vehicles. The initiative aims to promote the adoption of eco-friendly alternatives in India, with electric vehicles becoming increasingly popular in the country. Eseva’s CSCCloud offers a variety of electric cars from various manufacturers including TATA Motors, Hero, Avonn, Okinawa, Savy Electric, Mahindra Electric, and Atul Auto.

What is CSC e-Mobility?

CSC e-Mobility provides services related to electric vehicles such as electric bicycles, electric bicycle charging, electric bicycle sales, and maintenance. This initiative aims to address India’s environmental challenges by promoting the adoption of electric vehicles, which can reduce carbon dioxide emissions and improve air quality.

It can also help reduce the country’s dependence on imported oil, create new jobs and boost economic growth. The CSC e-Mobility initiative works with electric vehicle manufacturers, charging infrastructure providers, energy companies, and government agencies to achieve its goals.

Benefits of Eseva CSCCloud in

Accessibility: Eseva CSCCloud provides access to government services and products to people living in remote areas of India where access to such services is limited.

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Convenience: With Eseva’s CSCCloud, citizens can use various government services and products without having to travel long distances to government offices.

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Cost-effective: Eseva CSCCloud offers government services and products cheaper than traditional government institutions. This makes it easier for citizens to access these services at no additional cost.

Wide range of services: Eseva CSCCloud offers a wide range of public services and products, including electric vehicles, tractors, charging infrastructure, energy storage solutions, network services, and smart products.

Go Green Options: Eseva CSCCloud In promotes the adoption of green options such as electric vehicles and renewable energy solutions, helping to reduce carbon dioxide emissions and protect the environment.

Job opportunities: Eseva CSCCloud In creates job opportunities for local people in remote areas of India. This contributes to the local economy and raises the standard of living of citizens.

Eseva CSCCloud in e-Mobility Products & Services

Electric vehicle

Eseva CSCCloud In offers a selection of electric vehicles from Tata Group. Tata Motors, Tata Motors CVBU, Tata Micro Grid, Tata Solar Pump, and Tata Solar Rooftop are some of Eseva’s CSCCloud products. Due to the growing demand for eco-friendly alternatives, electric vehicles are becoming more popular in India. Eseva CSCCloud aims to serve this market.

SAR Group

SAR Group is another company that offers products and services through Eseva CSCCloud. Livguard is one of Eseva CSCCloud’s most popular brands. Livguard offers a wide range of solar panels, inverters, batteries, and other solar energy production systems. In addition, SAR Group’s other brand, Livpure, offers water purifiers to ensure that everyone has access to clean drinking water.


Eseva CSCCloud in also offers a variety of tractors from various manufacturers including Mahindra and Sonalika. These tractors are suitable for a wide range of agricultural applications and can be purchased or leased from Eseva CSCCloud.

Charging infrastructures

Eseva CSCCloud In offers various charging infrastructure solutions for the needs of electric car owners. Charging infrastructure solutions are offered in cooperation with leading companies such as EXICOM TELE-SYSTEMS PVT LTD., DELTA Electronics, SEIMENS, and EVI TECHNOLOGIES PVT.LTD. and Charzing. These solutions include wall chargers, portable chargers, and fast chargers that ensure EV owners can charge their vehicles conveniently and efficiently.

Energy storage

Panasonic, in collaboration with CSC Smart Inverter and Eseva CSCCloud, offers energy storage solutions such as an inverter for households and businesses. These solutions provide backup power in the event of power outages or unreliable network connectivity. These energy storage solutions give customers peace of mind, knowing they have a reliable power source when needed.

Battery Replacement

Eseva CSCCloud In has collaborated with companies such as DELTA, EXICOM, and EVI Technologies Pvt. together Oy offers a battery replacement service for electric car owners. With this innovative solution, customers can quickly replace dead batteries with fully charged batteries, making a vehicle more convenient and efficient. By swapping the battery, EV owners can eliminate the need to wait for the batteries to charge, making it a more attractive option for those who want to use EVs for long distances.

Network Service Provider

Eseva CSCCloud in also offers network service provider services, like broadband connections. Customers can choose from various network service providers and plans, depending on their needs and budget.

Smart Products

Eseva CSCCloud offers smart solutions, to provide innovative services. One of these services involves helping CSCs become cinema owners through Sparsh’s digital cinema platform. By utilizing the platform, CSCs can offer movie screenings to their local communities, expanding their services beyond traditional offerings. The platform offers features such as online ticket booking, digital projectors, and advanced sound systems to enhance the movie-viewing experience of customers.


What is Eseva CSC In?

Eseva CSC is a government initiative that aims to provide a wide range of government services and products to citizens in remote areas of India.

What kind of services and products does Eseva CSC In offer?

Eseva CSC offers a wide range of government services and products, including electric vehicles, tractors, charging infrastructure, energy storage solutions, network services, and smart products.

How can I access Eseva CSC services and products?

You can access Eseva CSC services and products through CSC centers located in various parts of India. These centers are run by local entrepreneurs who are trained and certified by the government to provide government services and products to citizens.

How does Eseva CSC promote eco-friendly alternatives?

Eseva CSC promotes the adoption of eco-friendly alternatives such as electric vehicles and renewable energy solutions by offering these products at affordable prices and through awareness campaigns.

How can I learn more about Eseva CSC?

You can visit the Eseva CSC In website or contact your nearest CSC center to learn more about the services and products offered by Eseva CSC.

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