Download DigiPay Lite Latest Version 2024: Official Download Link

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DigiPay Lite App Download Latest Version 0.0.18

DigiPay Lite is a mobile application that provides Aadhaar Enable Payment Services in India. It is developed and managed by CSC e-Governance Services India Limited. Digipay Lite can be used by any person, whether he has a CSC ID or not. Let us know the Latest Version DigiPay Lite App Download Process in detail very easily.

Download DigiPay Lite Process 2024

DigiPay Lite is a secure and convenient way to make Aadhaar-based payments. This is especially useful for those who are struggling to access banking services.

Following are the steps to download Digipay Lite:

  1. Open the DigiPay Lite APK official Link []
DigiPay Lite App Download

2. Download The Latest Version DigiPay Lite App following the Link
3. Tap “Install”.
4. Once the application is installed, open it.
5. If you have already completed the KYC process then you will get your Username and Password

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DigiPay Lite Login

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6. Enter your Username and Password and login to Use the Services

How to Update DigiPay Lite App?

  • Download The APK following the Link
  • Tap “Install”.
  • You will Prompt “Update Latest Version” and click OK to Accept
  • Once the application is installed, open it.
  • Enter your Username and Password and login to Use the Latest Version

Download DigiPay Lite Latest Version 0.0.18

DigiPay Lite vs CSC DigiPay

DigiPay Lite and CSC DigiPay are both digital payment platforms in India that allow users to make Aadhaar-based payments, transfer money domestically, deposit cash, and generate mini statements. However, there are some key differences between the two platforms:

DigiPay Lite

  • Can be used by anyone, regardless of whether they have a CSC ID or not.
  • Available on both Android and Web platforms.
  • Offers a variety of payment services, including AEPS, DMT, MATM, Adhar Pay, Cash Deposit, and Mini statement.

CSC DigiPay

  • Can only be used by those who have a CSC ID.
  • Available as a web application and a mobile app.
  • Offers a wider range of payment services than DigiPay Lite, including AEPS, DMT, MATM, Cash Deposit, and Mini statement, Wallet Topup, Passbook, Print Receipt.

Why Download DigiPay Lite App?

DigiPay Lite is a better option for individuals or CSC DigiPay Users who facing issues with CSC DigiPay Application. The reason for launching the DigiPay Lite to Alternative option for CSC VLE when they faced multiple issues and errors from the CSC DigiPay Application. If you are unable to use CSC DigiPay v7.1 for Transaction Error, Download DigiPay Lite Now and Use It.

DigiPay Lite Available Services

Through Digipay Lite, users can access the following Services:

  • Aadhar Based Payment (AEPS)
  • Digital Money Transfer (DMT)
  • Adhaar Pay
  • Cash Deposit
  • Mini Statement
  • MATM Cash Withdrawal

To use Digipay Lite, the user must first download and install the application. After this, the user has to complete the KYC process and provide his basic information. Once the KYC process is completed, the user can start using Digipay Lite services on a Smartphone.

How to Compleate DigiPay Lite KYC Process?

DigiPay Lite AppDownload Link | Link 2
DigiPay Latest VersionDownload
DigiPay Lite DetailsRegistration
DigiPay Lite Marchent OnboardingClick Here
DigiPay Lite Login (Copy Url & Paste on New Tab)
DigiPay Lite Registration
DigiPay Lite OnboardingPDF
Troubleshooting DigiPay Lite MerchantLink
DigiPay Lite Troubleshooting Check Now

Final Talk on DigiPay Lite App Download

DigiPay Lite Download makes digital payments super easy for everyone. Retailers and CSC Centers can provide a range of services like AEPS withdrawal, DMT, cash deposit, and mini statements to customers, making it a one-stop solution. Plus, the app is easy to download from the provided link. Whether you’re sending money or checking your balance, DigiPay Lite is user-friendly and secure. It’s the smart choice for hassle-free digital transactions.


Who can use DigiPay Lite?

Any retailer or CSC Center with a valid ID can offer a range of DigiPay Lite services, including AEPS withdrawal, DMT, cash deposit, mini statements, and more, to their customers.

How do I download DigiPay Lite?

You can easily download DigiPay Lite from this link:

What is the purpose of DigiPay Lite?

DigiPay Lite is a digital payment solution that enables retailers and CSC Centers to provide various financial services to their customers, enhancing convenience and accessibility.

What is the difference between DigiPay and DigiPay Lite?

DigiPay and DigiPay Lite both serve as digital payment platforms, but DigiPay Lite is a lighter version designed for retailers and CSC Centers to offer financial services to customers.

What is the transaction limit for DigiPay?

Transaction limits for DigiPay may vary, so it’s advisable to check with your service provider or refer to the terms and conditions of the app for specific details.

What are the terms and conditions of DigiPay?

You can find the terms and conditions of DigiPay in the app or on the official website. Make sure to review them for a clear understanding of the platform’s usage and policies.

Is DigiPay Lite safe or not?

DigiPay Lite is designed with security in mind and employs various measures to ensure the safety of transactions. However, the overall safety may also depend on how securely you use the application and follow best practices for digital payments.

What is the minimum and maximum withdrawal limit for DigiPay Lite?

The minimum withdrawal limit for DigiPay Lite is 100, while the maximum withdrawal limit using Aadhaar is 10,000. Additionally, you can withdraw up to 10,000 using Aadhaar Pay as an alternative method.

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